Should I get vaccinated?

I’m currently at week 37 and will be due in three weeks time. My gynae did say it’s ok for me to go with the jab, I told him I will do it after giving birth and he said ok. However, looking at the recent rising cases and delta variant. I’m thinking of taking the 1st jab, my husband also encourage me to go for it. Any advice if I should take the jab now or wait till after birth? What would you do if it’s you? #advicepls

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I personally didn’t and wont as i’m also very close to being due and wont be able to complete both doses anyway, although I work in a higher risk env too. My gynae has agreed to give me HL so I will just try to stay home as much as possible till I give birth, and then take the vaccine during/right after confinement. Personally, I’m worried about how any of my possible side effects will affect bb in utero. If bb is already out, at least any side effects from the vaccine (passed through bm) is more visible and I can actually see how bb is. Cos if he is inside, cant see mah. But it’s up to your comfort level. I know many who took the vaccine while pregnant and are currently fine too!

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i didn't took the vaccine when i was pregnant as my pregnancy was considered high risk and was so afraid it will have side effect on my baby. but after i gave birth , on the day i discharged i got covid. i got it from the hospital. so i kind of regret not taking the vaccine. however, follow ur instinct. if u think u don't want then don't. just keep wearing ur mask and take all precaution.

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7mo ago

Which hospital u got it from

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I think it’s a good idea to get vaccinated. Studies show that it’s safe for pregnant ladies and their babies. You’ll be able to pass antibodies on to your unborn child too. Since baby won’t be able to get vaccinated, I think it’s a win-win

I took my second dose at week 37 and gave birth 8 hours later. Apart from feeling very exhauseted and week after delivery for a day or two, so far I feel fine now. Was also worried that I couldn’t avoid strenuous activity (i.e labour) as required 😅

i took it at week 33.. and all is good.. my next dose is at week 37, just hope that i dont get those fever as im kinda worried of baby chose to pop during that period. hahaha. i think its best to go for it dear. for the protection of u and baby..

Best not to get too close to labour as one is advised to avoid strenuous activities shortly after receiving the vaccine. Labour could definitely be considered as a strenuous activity for the body & heart!

i took the vaccine at week 32 when i know singapore is going to reopen her border. its better to be vaccinated asap cos u cant stop others from going out n bring back the virus!

you can consider due to the growing risk. i was advised to take it from 28 weeks onwards as baby's organs are all developed. good luck!

If it’s me I’ll just take 1 dose first. Better vaccinated than not. Even then, I’ll still be more careful about going outdoors.