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I’m going for a short holiday with my parents together with my husband and baby next year. My father wanted to go alone with my mum but they doesn’t know how to book a cab, read the signs etc and so I decided to tag along with them. My husband will bring us around during the trip. While planning, my husband mentioned that his mother might want to tag along! (It will be my worst nightmare and he knows it!) I explained to him that I just want to spend time with my parents and we can go with his family the next time. I did share this issue to my mother and she thinks it’s not a good idea as well and my dad will not like it. Anyway, we told my mil that we will be travelling with my parents yesterday. She mentioned that her siblings are also thinking of going to that country in that particular period 😱 she also asked why didn’t we asked her to go as well (which we kinda skipped that question when she asked) Now she is planning a trip there with her relatives and siblings during the period to the SAME COUNTRY! 😩😩😩 my husband even sent our hotel itinerary to them. I’m sure they will want to meet up with us during that trip. My mum joked and asked me if we can travel to another country instead. I’m fine with travelling with my mil one day (😞)BUT definitely not with my parents. Thinking about this trip gives me anxiety. If I know this might happen, I will rather my parents go with someone else and I’ll stay in Singapore 🙃 Just…. Leave me alone 🥺🥺

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This is what you call 猪队友 and it’s always the hub. I wanted to hide my pregnancy from my MIL (we weren’t on talking terms) and my asshole husband went to tell her while I was working. Zzz I would ask my parents if they are okay with another country and then change and only inform the husband 2 days before the trip so they won’t be able to make any changes in time. Definitely don’t like the idea of not being able to be “myself”, be free during a holiday. But of course, that is if you are okay to let your husband go with his mum instead. If my husband plot me like this and kept me in such an awkward situation, I’ll release that dude to his mum while I enjoy with my parents and baby. 😉

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2y ago

Thanks for the advice but it will need a lot of courage to do that 😣😖

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This sounds like a disaster tbh especially if nobody except your MIL wants everybody to travel together. I’d suggest first try to talk your MIL out of it. Maybe your husband can do it for you. If that doesn’t work, look for a different destination with your parents. If that doesn’t work either, the last option is to just keep one day aside for everybody to go out and eat together and rest of the days you can spend with your parents and your MIL with her relatives.

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2y ago

Yes! A disaster! For women, we can foresee what will happen to the trip if she joins. (Regardless of if she only meet us for dinner or a short while). Her presence there just makes me feel tense up!

Another MIL again, I completely feels you.. 😣 Tbh, why your hubby go share e itinerary? Can’t act blur say nv do? 🤦🏻‍♀️

2y ago

Mil is a worldwide problem, isn’t it 🥲 She asked which hotel we are staying … and so my husband sent the details to her. She said she won’t be staying the same hotel but (obviously) will choose somewhere nearby?! I hope my husband doesn’t send her or any of his relatives our daily schedule of the trip. Now, I’m trying to stay calm and not think so much about it 😔

I can feel you.. similar to my sister's plight.