I am a SAHM and nowadays times are so bad, job hopping is not that advisable either thus my husband sometimes said that he wished he dont work. Can see that he is really tired and feel heartpain for that. How can I motivate him show him my appreciation? It has been long I bought him something too as I am no longer working... Feel so helpless in this.

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It's never easy when it's single income. Job satisfaction is very important and if he does not like his job, he will feel that it is a drag going to work daily. Maybe he can consider dropping recruitment agencies his CV and see if there are any suitable positions available for him. As for yourself, if you have spare time, I do know of other SAHM whom participates in surveys to earn additional money. It's not much, but I guess every dollar counts.

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There are 5 ways of expressing love to your loved ones: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. Which ways does your partner like to receive love? You don't have to buy something or go out to motivate him. The simplest things could make his day - giving him a massage, cooking a nice meal, spending quality time with him - just chatting, etc. Stay positive and encouraging :)

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why don't you consider working yourself? Single income is a disaster waiting to happen. Too much load on both parties. 1 party have to manage the family and another have to provide for the family. Is totally 2 different spectrum and difficult for both parties to understand each other difficulties. Have 2 working income help load balance create a more happy family.

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I agree with Candice, u need to know what is ur husband's love language before trying to do things to motivate or encourage him. Send the children to the grandparents and have a nice meal with him, whether it is at home or go out. Always say thank you?

There arr other ways other than gifts. You can cook something he likes. Verbally appreciate him daily. Give him a massage. Help him with any tssks he needs to do at home. Make your own i appreciste you card

Look for opportunities to earn some of me cash. Such as surveys, home based data entry. Sometimes, men need love from the wives. What about cooking him something nice, and having some. Couple time.

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You can try to cook a nice meal for him. Put the children at maybe grandparents for a night so your husband can really have a good good rest?

Mummy why don't consider doing some home based jobs. You should check out glance.com

Cook a nice dinner for him? Say it loud n clear that u appreciate his hard work?