my cheating Husband wants a divorce

Lately my husb nvr come hm. He keep saying that he is working. There are days that he switch off his hp. No sms or nvr pick up my calls. When i confronted him. I ask him. He keep saying working. I asked him r u hving affair. He said NO. We really got into argument. He even slapped me. I say i will call the police. But i never. I went to see doc. I lodge a report. Police called him n asked him. My husband msg me saying that i messed up his carrer. Now he wants a divource because i made a report. WTF seriously. I tols him lets sit down n talk. Lets see e counselling. Seems like he dont give a damm f*** abt it. I have a 13 month old dau. He keep saying lets sign e paper. Dont wait too long n etc. I said NO. He nt happy abt it. I actually leave him alone for few days. Then i texted him n asked him abt his well being. That i miss u n i still love u. The ans he gave is i dont love you anymore. No feelings. I dont care abt u and yr dau. Lets get divource. What e hell seriously. Then again. When he is not ard at home. I opened his laptop. He usually leave his email n fb open. This women is his co colleague. This bitch has gone married man before. Oh my god. This is wat the saw n really shocked me: - bought flight tickets n accommodation to australia - book hotels in singapore - pictures of both together n kissing - bought bracelet n ring He is really a bastard. I m just shattered seriously. I feel like a bullet just got shot in my chest.
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Keep those as evidence and leave him for good. Really not worth the time and soul.
No matter how hard it may be, you have to stay strong for yourself and your child. Dont dwell upon your fate after what your husband did to you. What he did was wrong and you do not deserve it. Pick
be strong mommy! tough time will pass. be strong for your baby and not that useless man... u will find someone who will cherish u in future
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Stay strong Mummy, focus on your Daughter and give yourself time to get back up. It’s going to be difficult and make sure he pay alimony for cheating and for your Daughter.
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all the best to you..maybe it's better to leave this scum, and if e 3rd party thinks he's good then go ahead lol .