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Hi any review for Child First Preschool curriculum for playgroup level? Regardless of branch :)
The mountbatten child first was the best school ever. If I didn't move I would have continued my kids there.
Chikdfirst is great! When my girl was there her Mandarin improved drastically
I checked out the Mountbatten branch about a month ago. Love the spacious layout of the school and the principal was very nice to walk through me their curriculum. If not for the location which is kin
My kid was in childfirst before. Its pretty good with the technology infused in the curriculum. I love the huge role play area. My kid loved it too. I guess with every school, the teachers are the one
Anyone has any idea if there is any star learners branch in the north/northeast areas which has air con classrooms for PLAYGROUP LEvel??? Pls do not tell me about the benefits of not having air con or
Sengkang and yishun if I'm not wrong. Not sure if they have playgroup.
I think anchorvale cc has star learners
I'm trying to look for a CC for my LO when he turns 18 months What are the things I should look out for when choosing one?
for me, whenever I enquire. I always ask these questions. CCTV, cleanliness, menu, activity, teachers background, number of children in the class, race, air con, outdoor. Id say I'm extremely fussy.
These are the pointers i follow when i select a CC. - CCTVs - Atmosphere & Enviroment - Cleanliness - Ask about what so special about their school and all. - Try to search for reviews or po
How do we ensure that teethers n toys are clean and safe for the babies since they like put everything into their mouth?
Once a week for me with just dishwashing sopa under running water:-) Toys that are kept at home stays at home. When we come back from outside, we always wash our hands. I don't keep my kids' toys too
i only choose and buy reputable brands for the teethers and i will always wash it with baby detergent before and after giving it to my baby. Once in awhile, i will soak it in warm water to sterilise
Wash it frequently and as and when u feel it's dirty. Either in running tap water, or baby accessories cleanser (tollyjoy/pigeon) or using wet wipes. That should be able to address your worries. :)
I normally wash with baby bottle liquid detergent, rinised with boiled water, dry it before passing to my baby.
Wash and sterilize it daiky