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I myself got prob wif my husb. Divource take place next yr. You know how devasted i m. Wat i m going through. Lets get straight to e point. My mom told me yesterday lets go temple. I said ok. She say get ready by 7am. I said 8am ok. Conf with my bro. This morning me n my dau already took shower. Get ready. I keep calling my mom. She is nt answering. Then at 9 plus my mom came to my house. Saying she nt going temple. Asking me to go evening time. I said its fine. I go evening. At 10am, my sis in law call me asking me were i m. I said i at home. Coming down now to follow mom go marketing. Here my sil start telling me that y i dont want to follow temple. I told her la that i keep calling. No one pick up. Moreover; my lo is sleepy. I told her i go evening time. Then she said that i cannot always let my lo go alone temple. Y i cant follow. I told her i go evening better. Then she shouted at me over the phone you better dont talk to me in that tone. You fucking dont shout. Since wen i shout. I jus hang up. When i go down. I can hear my sil shouting at my door asking to open. She is creating a nauisance at my hm were nobody is at hm. When she saw me downstair, she puch me, she open her big f eye to create a prob. There are ppl ard e road side looking at our problem. Here she shouting. And my bro hv to pull her hand to take her away. What hurt me the most, she said i m a useless mother, every time come to 8 9pm, thats y my husb left me. I wk so hard for my lo. How can a person say i m useless. F s*** this women, my husb left me is bcozz he has affair with his own colleague. He doesnt wan me n my lo. Even uncle on a bike stop n her off. she nt happy My sil has hurt my feeling very terribley. She shouted at me. Push me were i m carrying my lo . Hey mummy i m terrible devasted. Seriously, i m very very feeling down

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Nobody is giving the right to judge what kind of person you are, nor good or bad a Mother you are except your child. From young, I have been told by my own family how stupid or useless I am. After I get married, I have been accused by my in-laws for every small simple things. I used to doubt myself and think I should just end my “useless” and “unworthy” life since my own family hate or think so lowly about me so much. It was so bad that my mil tell me it is “alright” for my fil to touch me inappropriately which cause me to have depression. Until I have my children, to them I am their supermom and whole world. After being a mom, I realised there is people out there who just don’t appreciate or value other life, in their eye they are the most important people in the whole universe. Hence, respect does not appear in their dictionary. Understand this “problem”, I start to train my own mind to be strong for my kids and myself. It is hard but I did step by step to regain the right of living the life I want. Mommy, I know it is hard not to have a man by your side to support you when your kid is still young, it is sad to being called names and being beaten for no reason. It alright to feel those feeling but after a big cry, you got to tell yourself you are bigger than what other think about you and stand high for your kid. What don’t kill us will only make us stronger. It is really hard but every baby steps will bring us one step closer to our better life. Let work together!

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Mummy, so sorry that you have to go through this... Your sil is wrong to punch and push you esp since you are carrying your lo. If this happens again, you should call the police - it's assault. You are very strong mummy, ignore all the naysayers. If you need help, please get some professional help at the clinic too. You need to stay strong. Feel free to message in this chats if you need someone to talk to. Take care, be strong for yourself and your lo sending you lots of love, mumm

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Don't get why she bother to harass you since u are no longer going to in laws anymore. You go where must report to her meh. Report this bully to police and get a restraining order and see how big she can act after that. Better still move house and change your phone and don't tell her where u are.

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Is wrong for you sil to do that, go make police report. Is not easy to support of your baby alone, n i think u r so strong to go through all these. Pls take care of yourself

Erm I would totally cut off with them Will soon to be ex already So why bother Focus on your own life and move on They are not worth u stressing

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Sorry to heard about this... but this matter cannot take lightly. Make a police report to safeguard yourself and little one

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Oh my, I felt that your sil should not resort to violence. You should stay away from her since she is your husb sis?

Sorry to know that your sil is so toxic. Can speak to your bro abt her anot?

please make a police report and make sure she is not near u or lo.