i m going through a divorce. Currently my son and myself staying with my parents. I dont want to go back my house because my husb is abusive and he is having affair. i stay wif my parents, i think i can get a support both emotional and mental. Begining my mom was very understanding, its been freaking 6months, i feel so dammm f irratated by her, she keep telling me bcozz of me she is stress, asthma, her health not gd, she keep insisting me she needs a maid as she cant cope with 7room flat, staying with autistic 2 siblings of mine, dad, 2 dogs. i m feeling like a m a burden to her.. i m f stressed up but i dun show. i m sick n tired. i told her be patience, wait till my divorce and house is over, we can plan to hav helper. the moment i talk abt my bro and my sil, my mother nt happy, she keep saying they hv their house and own things. Me n my daughter staying at my mother house wer she think i must hv some responsiblity to do n work. i am a single mother. My father is a breadwinner of the house. i can fully understand that....i m tired seriously.

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This sound like a really hard situation - things WILL get better, but it will be hard to think that now. Do you have a friend you can chat with, or perhaps visit for a few days - this may give you and your mum some time apart and a what sounds like a much needed break from each other? Otherwise perhaps take you mum out for a coffee and have a heart to hear with her - ask if there are things you can do to help. Things will get better, hang in there!

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So sorry to hear about your situation, it can be mentally torturing to you if your mum continues. Have you considered trying other options like moving in to your siblings or other close relatives instead? Or engage part time helper to help out chores once a week?

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Sounds like a tough situation. You should continue to communicate with your mum and update her as much as possible on how things are going with the divorce. Sometimes, all they want is for us to tell them what we’re going through.

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Hang in there dear! Things will eventually work out, in the meantime would there be some way to meet in the middle so that both sides gain some happiness?

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I am really sorry that you are having a hard time. Sounds like a really stressful period. I hope things get better soon. Hugs your way.

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just wanna send you a big hug, mommie. it is really hard on you ! *HUG*

Lots of hugs and support your way mum. I hope things get better soon

Take care... Talk to someone when u feel stress