I m currenthly on leave and my 1 yr old dau knows that i m nt working. All the from morning till night she just want my attention. Keep forcing me to carry her. My back is killing me. I told her to play. She dont wan, i tell her to eat, she only eats abit. I m so tired n stress up

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She miss you, that's all. She's making the most of her time with you. My daughter's the same way. She's 20 months old. She always wants me to carry her - but what I do, when my back is hurting, is I simply hold her hand and let her walk alongside me. And when she doesn't want to eat, then I don't force it. I wait until she asks for food later on. But I do eat the same time she eats, so she get to enjoy that time spent with her mama, too. Your daughter loves you and just wants to be with you all the time - I know you must be tired of hearing this, but it would be good to make the most of that time as well because she'll grow up soon and won't want to spend as much time with her mama anymore.

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My 23 months old daughter is like that too. Im currently on confinement period and my sweet daughter has become very cranky. Everytime I ask her to change diaper she cry, ask her eat she cry, ask her take a nap she cry. Im very tired as well. Sometimes I feel bad for not able to bring her out to play. I guess she must be feeling very bored.

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Dear mummy, your gal must be so pleased to see you whole day that she wants your full attention. Instead if carrying her who day, keep her in your view, let her see and hear you. Play some light music in the background so that she gets used to hearing other sounds besides yours. Treasure these moments to bond with her:)

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She must miss you so much. Maybe let her play beside you instead of in a separate place? So you can sit and do something while she plays by your side. For feeding, at this age, they enjoy little games you play with them to eat

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My LO now at 11mo acknowledge that I need to leave work in the morning. So I will see her off. In evening when she returns, she will glue to me once she saw me. Night time she sleeps with me too.

She wants your attention i guess. If she forces you to carry her maybe you can try to distract her with her fav toys or something or let her do some fun hands on activities?

probably you can put a plaster on ur hand and tell her that it's painful. she can stick close to u but cannot carry. despite their age, they can understand pain.

my gal oso sometimes like that.. i worse. i not working. sahm. lol.. she even slp oso want to slp on top of me.

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Hang in there mummy! Your little girl misses you and wants your attention badly due to you being at work.