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Went to catch my husband having affair . I saw him going to the mistress house in to her house. I straight away call my mother n my mother in law. When we reach her house. Only my husband come out. Dat mistress dare not come out. He lock the gate n argue argue n etc. I told him why she is hiding. You shld ask her to come out. So we went first floor, he shouting n making hell of a noise. This fucker who neglected me n my lo for 1 month plus. When during the confrontation. He keep saying he want to divorce me . I hv to wait 3 yrs to get divorce I told him i prepare all the separation doc. He told he he will sign. Fucker asking me to pay 50% of the renovation $. Which cost total est $45000. Then i argue, y shld i pay. U the one say u wan to pay. I been looking after the house n cleaning. Y shld i. Then he replied ok then dont need. Later he say house 50 50 share. I said fine. We bought resale just our house is only 1 yr old. My lo custody, he said he doesnt want . He said i can have everything. Just leave and f*** off thats wat he said. I asked him. U leave because of the mistress. He said he is much happier. The replied i told him this is temp happiness you will get. Why i say that. Bcozz she been with married man b4. Even she wen out with his boyfren so call. Which that boy is engaged. She is dating internal police officer. I told him. U will loose your wife, n ur lo. Now your family doesnt respect you. He keep saying never its ok. Just f*** off he keep saying. This is the man that i married, who is selfish, think of sex, pointed knife at my lo. Hitted me 3 times cozz cannot control his hot temper.Liers n so on. My chapter is not end yet cozz i need to speak to a lawyer to prepare separation doc. Mummy do u hv any contact of lawyer. May i know how much separation will cost. Really appreciate .

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make him pay... for everything. including this separation and divorce. and make him pay, with forever regret of losing u and his child, by u living the best life after this nightmare is over. u r so strong, dear! better things and people are out there for u. i wish and pray all the best for u and LO. may the dark clouds be gone soon. it will be tough, being a single parent but it will be rewarding, just keep being positive. things will somehow work out, God bless u. for a start, to get advice, u can try https://www.aware.org.sg/womens-care-centre/legal-services/

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Have u been married for more than 3 years? If not, u know it's very hard to b granted a divorce right? Anyway doing up separation will likely cost u at least 2-3k from a lawyer. And actually separation is like quite useless, maybe u can consider just waiting for 3 yrs den straight divorce him to save money. Jiayou!Sometimes u shld b happy that your stupid husband willing to leave u so that u can b rid of a useless man in your life. Some pple stuck in a loveless marriage and can't get out of it, very much worse.

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Sorry to hear this. Just divorce him and make him pay for everything !! It’s not worth being separated from a Monster like him. I can’t even imagine how he could hold a knife at your baby. Breaks my heart. This bloody fellow is gonna get real s*** back very soon !! Stay strong! You can fight this thru like a champ ! Just think of baby and yourself. Safety and security. All the best

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You should have reported police when he used criminal force on you or used knife pointed at your child. You may want to consider apply Protection Order https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-articles/what-is-a-personal-protection-order/ If you have financial difficulty to engage a lawyer, you may seek help from the Legal Aid Bureau 1800 2255 529 https://lab.mlaw.gov.sg/ Take care.

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Just divorce Why need separate Speak to lawyer about the house etc $2,500 all in (With Children, HDB / Private Property & Maintenance) Read about their Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages https://www.pkwalaw.com/our-fees.html. https://sg.theasianparent.com/top-10-divorce-lawyers-in-singapore-getting-the-legal-help-you-need

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I do not have a lawyers contact, but all I can say that you are really strong. Tight hug to you for you to sail through this darkest phase. I hope you get justice and you get a beautiful life you deserve. Hang in there mommy. God bless you and your LO

https://sg.theasianparent.com/womens-charter/web-view I am sorry to know that, you have all rights to own the house because of his infidelity and need not wait for 3yrs to divorce. Pls take care of yourself and be strong, your LO needs you.

Hey mummy, life isn't perfect, just stay strong. I witnessed unhappy marriage too. It's okay to divorce, chase your own happiness (you deserve better). Below link maybe informative for you: https://www.scwo.org.sg/resources/womens-charter/

Dear use him to pay everything, if you use the argument of abusive relationship and adultery as your argument against him, he may end up paying your lawyer's fee and more other things because he is the unreasonable one. Not you.

Hi mummy, I know this sucks but u have been such a strong iron lady and salute u.. maybe u can consult the one dollar lawyer that is in Chinatown. Government one. U can get more advise moving up from there.. Take care mummy.