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I have the most annoying, irritating, selfish mil ever.. she is the worst. I hate her so much.. Im currently covid positive in this entire household. When i told her abt this, she is very quick to point finger at my family. She said that i got covid from them. HELLO?? My family alrdy tested negative since 1 week ago and i went to sleepover at their house 1 week ltr???? She always like to find fault with me & my family.. like this one time, i reach home with my baby at arnd 6.30pm from my mom's place. (Btw, we're Muslim) so at night when my baby started crying for no reason which he rarely does, she was quick again to blame me. Instead of making things better or trying to help.. she very old fashion also.. she said "you la you come home after dusk right just now thats why baby crying" btw baby started crying at 11pm not 7pm.. i told her off.. i very angry alrdy.. i said "since when i reach home aft dusk??? I reach at 6.30pm.. dont anyhow say only" then she paiseh she replied "ohh issit bc i nvr notice".. aftwards keep pestering me and husb to play quran on hp la what la.. i told her i everynight on.. this baby crying not bc of hantu!! Baby crying bc maybe his tummy got wind or he feelong colicky.. all th while when i come home aft 10pm, baby nvr cry also.. how come u nvr say anything? This 1 time baby cry and i nvr come home late u wanto start pointing finger??? Issit you waiting for chance for u to blame me??? Knn this old lady ccb!! And now i covid positive.. i NEVER even ask her to look after my baby.. she alrdy said to me "Eh dont expect me to take care of him ah i alrdy so old hand not strong anymore.. sorry ah not bc i dont want-" b4 she can finish her sentence i told her i said eh i nvr even ask u to look after la why u so scared?? Eh talk abt her only ah make my bloodboil.. whats more staying w her?! Somemore my husband abit kuku.. to him ah his mother is angel.. eventho i told him abt what she said to me.. also he nvr believe me.. i just hate her so much.. she can go fuck off

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omg your husband is mummy’s boy.. never stand up for wife!! really annoying and old fashioned thinking! must be so challenging for you mummy 😢