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Interesting event

Any good place to go for this weekend? Like special event ?
Jewel at airport is really good .. n now they opened new adventurous parks so check it out
National Gallery.
national museum of Singapore
Fort Canning Centre for The Bicentennial Experience. It is really good.
National gallery

Nan voucher

Dear mummies, anyone of you have the Nan discount voucher $8/$25 off and not using it? Come from the complimentary pack they send to us. I need it if your do not want it :)
Is it from the sample pack?

Activities for infant

What activities do your bring your little one to over the weekend?
Hi... you can bring your little one to explore some of the indoor playground suggested in this article https://sg.theasianparent.com/indoor-playgrounds-in-singapore
So far, I did Swimming classes and genius league.


Any one attended Huguru? How is the pricing like? Any free trail for our little one?
No trial class from what I know
Hi... you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/heguru-fusionopolis-expert-interview

Cough remedy

Any remedy for cough for 8 months baby?
Someone mentioned to be use vicks rub on the bottom of their feet than wear socks
Please consult PD as because of the rainy weather these days, it might have happened
I recommend consulting a PD for the medicine. else eat pears, it is good for phlegm removing
get hou zan san
Try sunctioning nasal mucus and keeping the air moist. Cough and cold medications generally should be avoided in babies.

Point redemption

I claim for the platinum Huggies using my points but been 2 weeks, not send over, I tried to send in feedback but no one revert. How?
Just to share with everyone, I gotten the pack today, 👍🏻 thank you asianparent!
It will come soon .. bit late but come for sure
Thank you mummies and all for the assurance. Love this platform 😍
My other items took a few weeks to arrive too hahaha, but free things gotta wait 🤣
Jing, we apologise for the delay in sending over your rewards. It does take a couple of weeks for the whole process. Thank you for your patience. You should have received an email that your reward is

Sahm - job for us?

Any stay at home work to do for sahm? For us to earn?
Am working in the sales line from home as Im a sahm myself, though wouldnt earn much but at least will bring some income.
can be typewriter ? seller? translator etc
Hi... you can find out more information or try to apply through [email protected]
There's lots of opportunities out there, especially if you can bake, teach or good with crafts etc. Here's more ideas for you : https://www.google.com/amp/s/sg.theasianparent.com/home-based-business-f

Car seat

What car seat did you get for infant to toddler use?
Anyone brought joie steady, and how much 😊
Maxi cosi is good
I got the britax
I will prefer back seat because it's safe quite safe rather than front.
Maxi cosi car seat

Milk powder - Nan 2

What’s the best price you managed to get? And where? Any freebies ?
Try redmart and ntuc online

Mummy fair

Any mummies going Mummy fair tmr? What’s the good deal & freebies, let’s share here so we can make it a worth trip 😂