I m already facing alot of challenges. My divource only kicks in next year. My lo is only literally 15mths. I left my matrimonial hm n staying with my parents and younger siblings. My hus staying with his mistress sonewhere else. I just dont understand. Every now and there i always hv argument with my mother. She likes to find fault n pick up unneccessary things with me. My 2nd bro. Means i m oldest. He n his wife just staying few blocks aways. Every time my bro n his wife come, keep asking them eat already anot, want me to make tea anot. Wtf. I m yur du, y i dun get such treatment. Today we had family dinner at coffee shop. N everytime i m e want who always never eat properly because i need to look after my lo. My dad tries to help me. But the thing is my lo only wants me. After feeding my lo. I try to carry her n walk ard. She wants to sleep. I try to make her sleep. Then my mother come n tell me off saying that i go n eat. She will look after my dau. I told my mom that i eat already. I m done. Then she not happy because i showing bad attitude towards my bro n sis in law n etc. Y i m acting like this. When i reach my table. My mom say lets go hm. Everyone going hm. Den i say ok. I was clearing my lo bowl because thats hers n i want to bring hm. My mother keep irratating me asking wat am i doing blah blah. So i stared at her jus 2secs  . Here come my 2nd bro saying to me: ehh, ehh y u stare at mummy. Y u got prob with me. So i told him off, u hv no right to talk to me like that. Fucking pissed with my damm fucking life. Y i am going through all this shits. Y y y....

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Do you need your family support through the divorce ordeal? If not, just move out. Seems like there could be some misunderstanding between you and your family which is causing all the tension. What you need now is support, whether monetary or emotional, and looking at how things turn out, you aren't getting either. So why not be on your own? At least you'll have one less thing to stress about.

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So sorry to hear what u are going thru. I know it isnt easy taking in shits all by youself. Maybe you can ask your dad to talk to them to ask for their support instead of pushing you around like this? Stay strong. In time you will be able to find a solution to all this. Take care ❤️

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U need to stay strong and positive. Do not show your attitude towards your family to vent your frustration.

I willing to moved out. Move to were. Rental is very expensive.

7y ago

So you're not totally independent from them! You still need their place for you and your kid to stay. Then it's better that you sit down and talk to your family, and ask them what is the issue between you and them, and what can you do to make things better for everyone living to be living in harmony. Think about it yourself. Would it be something that you have done previously to cause the hard feelings?