My toddler stubborn and l bath her finish she keep crying non stop and i wana cry her but she doesnt want so i went to bath and my mom wana let her to stop crying but she cry stop cry stop look at her dad. My husband abit strict with his kids and stubborn too. So my hubby want to cane her and ask my mum dont bother her so she went to the room and put her outside the room. Mum not happy my husband say that she pamper my toddler. My mum feel that our house make her cant went back to my sis house got things happen? Keep blaming us. Our side no see any master but sis house see master. When mum went to sis house got things happen? I sometimes cant stand her too even she doesnt like my husband too. Not sure is my mum menopause or she really want to go back to sis house that why

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If your mum wants to go back to your sis house, isn't it better to let her go rather then her staying around and causing unhappiness?