I am a jealousy wife....

I actually don't like my husband sister. She always act very good In front of us but talk behide our back. She often Whatsapp her brother which is my husband and talk about stuff and she will used ? to end her conversation but my husband will just reply with a smilling face. I am way too jealous about stuff... And I hope I can get over with my jealousy soon. She is close to her brother and I really hate her but they are blood brother and sister so I can't really do anything about it. Just hate myself from being so jealous.

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I’m in pretty similar situation, just without all the emoticons. My husband and his sisterS can talk nonstop 24/7 every single day, so much so that often I feel like I’m talking to myself because he’s busy replying his 3 sisters. I don’t grow up in such a blissful family so I only can learn and accept that others are blessed with close kinship. Whenever they meet up, I learnt to minimise my existence and just let them mingle/hang out so avoid any unnecessary conflicts. (Most likely the sisters feel that I’ve snatched their brother away from them ) If they do get into arguments, I learned not to badmouth anyone (be as neutral as possible) because eventually they blood siblings will be fine afterwards. But your husband will always rmb what bad things/thoughts you harbour of them.

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I think it's really good that your husband and his sister have close relationship.. They are blood related, so nothing to get jealous about. Since your actually know you have this issue, you should find some ways to resolve your emotional issue. I feel that you are insecure. So you feel this constantly but not know how to solve it. I use to be like you too. Get jealous of anything regarding my partner even own sister, thinking back now is a bit silly. I heal myself by using crystals, using essential oils and do affirmation to myself everyday. What u need is security but lack. Try to work on your root chakra.

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A little confused as you said she will talk behind your backs but her r/s with her brother is good? There is different kind of love and a good relationship with brother and sister is a good thing! Just imagine if u have a son and daughter, won't you want them to love each other as well? Need to work out your feelings of why you are bring jealous, is it because you feel he doesn't treat you as well as he does his sister or .....? Hopefully u are able to sort this out soon.

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i emphasize with you...but like you said they are blood siblings. i think the talking behind your backs is not great, think you might want to discuss with your husband? but approach it gently, and not with jealousy... also maybe get to know your sis in law better? go shopping, do some stuff together, or something? when you are more comfortable, maybe let her know how you feel?

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This all sounds too familiar. I used to be in a similar situation, very upset when his sister treated him like a chauffeur and acting Very whiny. after a while I just kinda got used to it or rather can't be bothered already. Y go through life not liking someone and make myself unhappy over someone I don't really care(:

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4y ago

Omg same situation here! Lol

At least you do acknowledge that you’re jealous, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Your husband doesn’t seem to react too much over it so the ball is in your court to make peace with yourself. And just accept the fact that some people are just very two-faced...

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At least your husband don't reply the same icon. At first I also doesn't like my Xiao gu for being close to my husband but I talk to my Xiao gu instead of dislike her. I actually told my husband about it that I jealous

When i’m jealous i tend to argue with my husband and go mad for day until he cannot tahan and now he wont do thing that make me go mad

Well, I will get jealous too if my sis is close with other relatives, not gonna lie ?