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What To Bring Before Delivery
Hi mummies, ftm here! What shall I bring to the hospital for delivery? Other than charger, and clothes. :) will the hospital provide swaddle and nursing cover?
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Which hosp are u in? N pvt or subsidised?
Fish OiL Brand
Hey mummies, have you tried taking this fish oil from this brand before during pregnancy?
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Check w dr!
I bought another brand myself. The gynae said that the brand don't matter too much
No. Best to get the prescription from gynae. Over the counter may contain substance not suitable for pregnancy
My gynae prescribe for me
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I took from the brand, GNC
This App Pregnancy Tracker
Does anyone have problems with this app tracker? Mine shown Week 16 even tho I'm already 6 months, 24 weeks now :/
Mine is correct.
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Maybe try to update your EDD again?
When you suffered from a long runny and stuffy nose, does your doctor prescribed Zyrtec-D? Is Zyrtec-D safe for pregnancy?
Nope, Zyrtec D is not recommended to be used during pregnancy. Just take normal zyrtec will do. Althought nornal zyrtec cant help with stuffy nose but can help with runny nose.
Preggy 8 Weeks But Got Starting New Job Next Week
Hi all! I got an job interview last month, at the 2nd last week of June, so on the first week of July, I just realized I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy after 6 years of marriage! So I did
Hi, It is better to tell your employers know. It is for the best
Think it's better to tell them
Best to update them on your first day.
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Hi... you can inform them that you’re pregnant after the first trimester
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Yes, should inform them so that they are aware.. if not, they would think you keep it as secret...