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little splashes swim school
Hi! Anyone is bringing their lo for classes at little splashes swim school? How old did you guys start bringing lo? Do you guys think its worth it? Or should I just bring my babe to a public swimming
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I bring to public pool cause I spend on others
birth control
Breastfeeding mamas, do you mind sharing with me what birth control did you guys opt for? Looking for something that won't affect my milk supply
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Anyone let baby sleep in sarong?? My MIL might be taking care of my lo once I end maternity leave and she insists on using the sarong. I've heard that it's not safe for babies. Anyone can share your v
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My children slept in sarong and we’ve never had any problems
My LO can definitely sleep better with sarong. It's a life saver for me! But it depends on baby. Some won't like it.
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My gals slept in sarongs for a few months. I grew up sleeping in sarongs too. I put 2 mattress underneath them when they are in the sarong. Actually the dangerous part is when the baby starts to kick
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My LO usin when she 1mth plus
Went for baby crib
Any lactation consultant to recommend? Someone who does home visits?
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There’s those Thomson Medical ones.
give me more milk!!!
Mummies, today is my 15th day postpartum. I've been doing dl in the day, and pumping every 3 hourly at night. My nanny will use ebm to feed lo at night when needed.. whenever I pump for the past few n
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Maybe you can consider to use essential oils. Maybe this could help. Previously, I took fenugreek supplement, red date drink, all the food that increase the milk supply but not much help. But after
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Are you drinking enough water? You should drink minimum 2 litres of water daily. Also Drink maternal milk to increase BM supply
pregnancy weight gain
Mummies, how much weight did you guys put on during pregnancy? After giving birth, how much weight did you guys lose by the time you had the baby shower??
Gain 15kg. Now 5m pp lost all back to 48kg
Gained 9kg. Lost all already.
13 kg. Lost 10 kg 1 week PP. Then shed 3 kg more after a month...
I gained 8kg during pregnancy and lost 7kg when I was discharged. But I gained 1kg after my confinement.
12kg thus far 😖
baby carrier
Tula explore or ergobaby omni 360?
Ergobaby omni 360!
I've loved my tula..So can't comment about ergo
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I prefer ergo over Tula. Mostly due to price tag ;p Anyway now the Tula is owned by Ergo. (Was acquired in 2016), so anything special about the Tula in terms of rnd would already be included in the e
I prefer ergobaby