My husband shower a lot of love for his sister after she deliver her baby. I feel jealous and I think I should love her sister like how he love his sister.. But I am too jealousy...

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It's quite natural to feel this way but siblings love is a different kinda love and I feel as parents we would also want our children to love one another. Still it is important to address it as soon as possible so as to avoid uncomfortable situations in future. This can also cause awkwardness. Do have a good talk with your husband and tell him how you feel(:

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There is very different kind of love for sister and for the Wife. If your husband showers lots of love to his sister, it does not mean he loves you less. Love multiplies in the family. If you are jealous, why are you jealous? What is causing this jealousy? You need to realise your own feelings first and work from there

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It's common and fine to feel jealous as you really love your husband. Try to put in as much effort for your husband's sister as much as he does, love her like your own sister and soon you will realise that the jealousy will be gone.

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Hi! You don’t have to push yourself to love his Sister like how much he does. It’s nice that your Husband showers affection for his sibling but if it’s affecting you a lot maybe speak to him? :)

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I agree on that. maybe you can feedback to your husband? Number 1, it's his sister. but you are his wife, afterall jealousy will still be there. do you and your husband have kids?

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Jealousy is a natural feeling but should not be encouraged. You can speak to your husband and tell him what makes you feel this way. This will help you identify a solution.

It is vital to air these feelings. This doesn't have to become an argument, but it is not good to let feelings like this fester. Do you also have children?

Communication is vital. Tell your husband how you feel. Don't let this jealousy consume you and later be the cause of your misunderstanding.