Husband wasting breastmilk

My husband likes to pour out alot of pumped breast milk from the fridge and everytime he doesnt feed baby finish the milk! I’ve told him alot of times dont pour so much if baby dont drink alot and he always dont try to feed finish. Sometimes baby cry is because he wants to slp and not drink milk. Few times he heat up the milk and ended up pouring them away cos baby slp. Just wasted another 160ml of milk haix.. Does he think that it’s like buying fresh milk from grocery store? Can easily just pour out so much milk, never finish then throw. So wasteful Everytime i say him then he will not happy. Really so sick of him.

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That's why I didn't breastfeed since birth. Formula all the way. Save all this probs adding on to post natal stress. Breastmilk is the best only when mother's diet is the best. There could be a few reasons why your husband is doing that, - he don't know how much to pour out from the stored milk - the stored milk didn't indicate how much ml - he didn't have patience to feed - he wasn't happy when you say him cos he wasn't told how much exactly to warm uo

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I dont know whats there to guide when its only pouring out exact amount of milk. Is there problem with his hands or eyes or what? I have thought about it today and I will just prepare the amount of milk to be heated up in a bottle so that I wont get angry over it anymore.

Poor you!! I can totally understand the feeling of milk being wasted (though not by my hubby waste but by my baby)! Maybe you should let him know Exactly how much to pour? Or just put the amount needed into a storage bottle n ask him to just use that one?

self prepare bottles of milk and regulate feeding time. When I leave the house I always tell my husband when was the last feed and how many hours later approximately will need to feed again.

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Basically, micro-manage your husband.

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Hi mummy, usually I will prepare the amount for feeding into individual bottles so when it's feeding time just take out and warm it up. Easier for anyone whose doing the feeding! :)

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Do you store milk by each feed? Meaning one bag, one feed... So he will not waste milk when baby doesnt finish it.

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If not u self prep the amt of milk into bottle n left in fridge. All he need to do is warm up the milk n feed bb?

He might be doing it because of lack of guidance. Try to show him how to do it. Or better prepare it yourself.

I will self prepare the bottle feed for him. So that he won’t over pour or waste it

Probably he need some enlightenment and guidance. Have a good talk with him