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Cup to use for transiting from bottle
Hi mummies! I want to transit my one year old to a cup from a milk bottle. Any cup to recommend?
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One year is quite young. We transitioned when she was closer to 3 and we moved her by giving her a frozen cup with a straw :)
dinner for 9 months old
Working mummies! What would you give your 9 months old for dinner if you only reach home around 6.30pm everyday?
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Hi... you might wanna try some of the recipes suggested in this article
Hi mummies, any nice tingkat caterer to recommend for daily dinner?
Mum’s cooking
Neo garden and Elsie kitchen
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Neo garden
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I tried Kim Paradise, good menu variations
Freezing breast milk
Can I still freeze breast milk after putting it in the fridge for two days?
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You may. Do remember the rule. 3hour in room temperature, 3Days in fridge, 3months in freezer.
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Yes you can. Please put in the freezer ASAP. You can put freshly pumped bm in fridge for up to 3 days before putting in freezer.
First food
Has anyone tried this before? My LO just turned 6 months and I'm thinking of letting her try this.
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I feed them Gerber cereals but this look fine to me as well. You can look at the ingredient content if you want to be careful
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Hi... let your baby try and see if she likes it
Guess should be okay. But always give fresh and natural food too with processed ones to develop the baby's habit.
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Looks good. Never tried this before though..
Havent tried these. But heinz brand should be fine
Direct latching and teething?
Hi Mummies! What do you expect when you are direct latching and your LO starts teething?
You may find it helpful to experiment with different feeding positions to find one that is comfortable for both of you. Make sure he is opening his mouth wide to latch on, ideally with his tongue visi
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Give them teethers to soothe their gums and when baby bites, say NO firmly.
Some bites is inevitable but just hang on!
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At this point you might want to consider pumping and bottle feeding if possible. :) for less pain.
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Hi... it’s going to be a painful journey cause LO will start to bite. If you can, express or pump BM and bottle feed.
Breast pump sterlisation
Hi. Do you sterlise breast pump after every use? If you are back to work and need to pump twice at work place how do you go about it?
I sterilise once a day. If at workplace can rinse with hot water after soaping
Baby chair
Is this kind of soft baby chair suitable for 4 months old when learning how to sit?
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No. There's no proper support and no safety straps. Look for a baby seat that has a three point harness to strap baby (like a car seat) and proper back and side support.
Breast milk supply
hi everyone when I latch on my LO (4 months old), she has no issues and is pooping and passing urine normally (about 6-8 soiled diapers a day) however when I try to pump out my supply (using spectra)
When do u pump? Just you latch your baby? If yes, that is the reason why you have so little output as your baby had drank it. If no, which mean the earlier feed is 3 hours ago and it could be the brea
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Hi, maybe you could try to eat some barley drink and keep yourself hydrated. Don't be stress about pumping your milk as Stress is the first killer on breastmilk supply. I'm very stressed when I not e
Try manual pump. My right boob responds better to manual rather than spectra, although still not as much vs the other one. I can make 40ml for 15mins pump on my right while left can go to 80-100ml.
hm.. shld have more yield in my opinion.. pee colour ok?