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First solids

Hello mummies! My baby is starting solids soon! May I know when your child first started in solids, how does it affect his/her milk intake? I understand that at first, they’ll eat small quantity only,
we slowly replace...milk is still the main source of food
Hi, The shift happens gradually. I would suggest keep giving milk when the baby is hungry, along with some solids. That way the baby starts getting used to solid food
You can replace a feed whenever you/baby feels comfortable. But most babies will only want milk when they're hungry so feed milk first then top up with solids after. If your baby can take solid while
Baby will drink less but should be fine so long as he's gaining weight etc
Hi, it's normal for baby to drink less milk if she is eating a significant amount of solid food. Try to feed the milk first then top it up with the solid food. Milk is still the main source of nutrien

Height n weight VS feeding amount chart

Hi mummies! May I know if you guys know of any chart that allows us to check how much breastmilk should our little one be taking according to their height&weight? Thank you :)
You can google for more info or get one from the pd
I just feed when baby want. Not sure if there's a specify chart

Fever from Vaccination

Hi mummies! May I know which vaccines that we take in polyclinic will cause fever? Thanks in advance! :)
Depends on what vacs Talk to pd
It really depends. My girl has been fine with all jab. She is coming 1yo in a few days time.
All babies are different. PD told me the vaccinations(hep b, dtp) might cause fever but thankfully my LO did not..
I think every vaccine

3rd month vaccination

Hi! May I know if any of your little one suffers from drop in appetite hours after the 3rd month vaccination? From 150ml to 80ml kind? :(
Hi... it’s normal for babies to lose appetite after vaccination but it will return to normal after a day or two. Please read this article for more information on immunization https://sg.theasianparen

Milk baths

Hi Mummies! I have a stash of milk from April that I want to use for milk baths. I have some questions to seek help from you ladies! 1) As thawed milk have a metallic fishy smell, I’m wondering if m
Hi... How to take a milk bath Fill bathtub with warm water and add in milk and optional ingredients. Mix water and milk to combine. Soak and relax for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water
Just a small quantity will do otherwise yes baby will smell of milk. Not necessary to use soap and rinse off with water(:

Bottle fed Baby suddenly refusing to drink!

Dear mummies, my 3 month old bottlefed baby girl is suddenly refusing to drink! The moment we sat her in the feeding position, or when she sees the bottle, she would start crying and tossing around re
Hi, You can try couple of things, like changing the environment of the room while feeding, change the bottle, change the formula milk etc. This will help in changing the routine gradually of the baby
My baby also like this. Keep refusing bottle and frustrated when feeding. I try changing teats to a bigger one, walk around while feeding(which they like). I know it’s not a good habit to walk while f
Hi... try changing routine, milk bottles, room or room settings and baby formula. See which works. Might help.
Try changing the bottle or the formula
Hi... try change the location when feeding. Like if u used to feed in bedroom, try living room. If not, I can try changing to another brand of bottles. Some ppl change formula brand also. But ba