how much milk intake?

Dear mummies, my baby is going 7 mth but is still drinkin about 150ml of milk each feed... should i increase to 180ml? But sometimes he doesnt finish his milk... He is also not sttn n we always feed him when he wakes up... should we not feed him as i read that babies abv 6 mth shud b able to sttn wo needing to b fed?

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Hi mummy my baby 13 month haven sttn. It depend on individual baby. If your baby finish all his or her then you increase. Not all baby same. And best advice don't read too much from online you can take note but still follow your child flow

Mummy don't worry. My 10mo is still drinking 90-120ml per feed but he has 3 solid meals per day. Babies won't let themselves go hungry 😊