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According to the PD, my 4mo baby should be drinking about 150ml. However, he always stops at 120ml sometimes lesser and refuses to drink anymore. I tried breaking up the feeds so he can drink more but he refuses and takes so long to finish his milk. Sometimes I even have to force him to finish a bottle. Because he sleeps through the night, he only gets about 6 bottles of milk a day. Definitely not enough for his weight. Anyone have any suggestions?

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There is no standard amount on how much a baby should drink. My friend’s baby drinks 160ml~200ml while mine only drinks 80~100ml (3-9mo). Despite that, she’s also gaining weight steadily (sttn too). At 10mo, she’s drinking 125ml, at 14mo 210ml, 15mo 180ml. Dont force feed, it may backfire.. If your LO’s diapers output is good, pale pee (no dehydration) then I wouldn’t worry about it. 😊

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4mo definitely not drinking 150 but maybe just 100, PD say it’s fine, weight gain is on track. Diaper output is good! So I didn’t really bother anymore see force her to drink more