6mo refuse/ drink very little milk after cough/vomit episodes in a day

My 6mo had cough a few days ago. Brought him to see Dr who prescribed him ventolin. Perhaps the cough + meds made him want to gag easily. In a day (25 Feb), he vomited > 5 times during milk feeds. The vomiting lasted a day and he seemed to have recovered and I stopped giving him the ventolin ever since (28 Feb as of writing). Wonder if it’s because of phobia from drinking milk and vomiting that my baby now seems to be on milk strike? and can drink only 20-30ml each time and will push the bottle away. This is very concerning because before his cough he was able to drink even 160ml. I’m now seeing very light diapers. Furthermore, i just started him on brown rice cereal once a day in the noon and he is able to finish all - so I don’t think it’s loss of appetite? I know milk is still important to him now at his young age and that brown rice cereal shd not replace his milk feeds. Is there anything that i can do to encourage him to take bottle feed? #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp #milk

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maybe you can other brands of formula milk or switch on and off between feeds to fm if you are breastfeeding your lo