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stage 2 fm
Is it necessary for me to change fm to stage 2 when stage 1 is already for 0-12m?
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Stage 2 is a lot cheaper 😉
What brand/kind and when you moms start giving lo yogurt? Any ingredients to take note of in the yogurt?
I started with Greek plain yoghurt mix with blue berries. You can give plain ones. Sugar free. I also bought tamar valley flavour tropical/ blue berries. The nicest. The vanilla flavour is very so
vegetable stock
Hi moms, what veg do you use to make veg stock for a 6mo?
Can make white reddish or carrot. As Long as its sweet
Looking for ad hoc babysitter
Hi, anyone has any ad hoc babysitter for 6m old to recommend?
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Hi... you can narrow the search by disclosing the district or area
Hi, any weaning tips and when do your lo started their first food?
Slowly introduce cereal mixed with more water, then gradually reduce the water to make it more starchy
What are the remedies for fever after vaccination? 5mo
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Tepid sponging, paracetamol
How long does your postpartum hair lose lasts?
Might take upto 1 year until it gets normal
Depends on individual mine was 3 months
About 5 months
Mine was at least 6 myhs
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Very very long. My baby is almost 1. And i’m still shedding. During my boy time, it’s longer than 18mo
1st food
What month start giving baby food other than milk?
Can start give frm 6 mths
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Hi... you can start to introduce solids to your child from 6 months.
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Normally is after 6 months but if you got a green light from your doctor then you're all good! I mix cereal with milk at 3 months because I'm in special case! Not recommended, ask your doctor is the b
At 5.5months, when our PD gave us the green light
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I give my baby around 5 montu
gripe water
Is it ok to give bb(2m3wk old now) 1/2 a teaspoon of gripe water everyday? To give with or without water? Give bb drink until how old?
It is not recommended by doctors
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Actually now a days gripe water is not recommended by docs .. is it hv some disadvantages of using it in future .. so better if Avoids only as I never given it
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You can give as is or mix with milk. Give as needed only not every single day
I suggest your baby to be at least 3months. Then mix it with milk. No water please. Baby can drink that even till 2-3 years old. My bb is 14 months old but she’s still drinking it.
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Better to make it a little diluted...
2month old
What can I do with my 2 months old?
Start talking to your baby more and speed quality time with him.
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U can start tummy time for ur lo under supervision. Can start strengthening the neck muscles from onwards. I did for mine as well and it helps :)
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How abt some hand puppets
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Sing and read to baby