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How long does your postpartum hair lose lasts?
Might take upto 1 year until it gets normal
Depends on individual mine was 3 months
About 5 months
Mine was at least 6 myhs
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Very very long. My baby is almost 1. And i’m still shedding. During my boy time, it’s longer than 18mo
1st food
What month start giving baby food other than milk?
Can start give frm 6 mths
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Hi... you can start to introduce solids to your child from 6 months.
Normally is after 6 months but if you got a green light from your doctor then you're all good! I mix cereal with milk at 3 months because I'm in special case! Not recommended, ask your doctor is the b
At 5.5months, when our PD gave us the green light
I give my baby around 5 montu
gripe water
Is it ok to give bb(2m3wk old now) 1/2 a teaspoon of gripe water everyday? To give with or without water? Give bb drink until how old?
It is not recommended by doctors
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Actually now a days gripe water is not recommended by docs .. is it hv some disadvantages of using it in future .. so better if Avoids only as I never given it
You can give as is or mix with milk. Give as needed only not every single day
I suggest your baby to be at least 3months. Then mix it with milk. No water please. Baby can drink that even till 2-3 years old. My bb is 14 months old but she’s still drinking it.
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Better to make it a little diluted...
2month old
What can I do with my 2 months old?
Start talking to your baby more and speed quality time with him.
U can start tummy time for ur lo under supervision. Can start strengthening the neck muscles from onwards. I did for mine as well and it helps :)
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How abt some hand puppets
Sing and read to baby
Hi, any mummies here have any feedback on Grow by Abbott stage 1? Retail price at $31.80 one
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Hi... I would suggest that you request for samples from popular infant formula brands and buy the brand most suited for your child
We took the stage 2 and 3 of Grow by Abbott. So far so good.
How to ease Colic?
Don’t think my baby has colic, but she is often very gassy. Woodward’s gripe water worked well for her!
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Do see a pd if massaging and tummy time don't work
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Must bump after every feed.
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Hi... you might find this article informative
My PD gave me probiotics and colic drops for my baby. Then I did bicycle exercises for my baby, massage my baby and aeroplane carry my baby.
Hi.. if I were to go polyclinic for bb vaccination, do I need to make appointment or can bring bb straight walk in?
Must make appointment
walk in with health booklet for new born
Pls make an appointment using the self service kiosk there. It will reduce a lot of waiting time! :)
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Make Appointment
First tome as a newborn don’t need appointment They prioritize newborns For Subsequence appointments you will have to make appointments
My lo just vomited her full feed. Past Tuesday also. Daily sure will vomit but abit. She is 37days old drinking 75-90ml averagely every 2hrs. Will it be bcos of milk powder brand? Poo and pee normal.
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Hi... I suggest you burp your baby after every feed and not put her to sleep immediately. Let the milk settle down in her tummy before putting her down
Hi how do I open the dotted opening? I've used needles and pins to poke but it doesn't flow and the hole isn't the size of it
thumb image
Yikes didnt know the quality control for pigeon can go haywire like tht
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Bring back to the shop with receipt and change another one
Which dotted opening? You mean there is no milk flowing out from the teat?
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Are you trying to further open the opening?
Hi.. Is 80ml of Formula milk per around every 2hrs(+-) feed too much for a newborn 3week old?
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Hi... it’s about the right amount
On average, a newborn drinks about 45-90 ml every 2-3 hours. This amount increases as your baby grows and is able to take more at each feeding. At about 2 months, your baby may be taking 20-150 millil
The average formula milk per feed for a newborn is between 60-90ml. So 80ml is fine. Pay attention to your LO reaction. Whether is he still hungry or is the amount too much for him. Then you can adjus
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That's fine(: