How do we know what is the right amount of milk for baby?

Hi all, my baby boy is 19 days old. He need to be feed around every 3 hours. He drink breast milk and most of time top up with formula milk. Total amount ranging from 90ml to 150ml everytime depending on how hungry and if he keep crying. It got me and my wife worried that sometimes he drink a lot and vomit milk. We tried to burp him but not successfully always.

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The baby may cry for many reasons, not just hunger. If the baby vomits after a feed, maybe he needed just pacification. Have you tried a pacifier? One of the important things that the French parents do is to practise a pause. Wait at least 20 seconds to a few minutes before picking your baby up. This will give him some time to self-soothe If the baby is crying, carry out this check and see if the baby stops crying. If not, move to the next point. 1. Check the diaper if it is soiled or wet. If yes, change the nappy. 2. Check the back of the neck to see if the baby is too hot or cold. If yes, make the baby more comfortable. 3. Check if the baby is hungry - offer a pacifier/your little finger and see if the baby is pacified. If not, offer a feed 4. Check if the baby is uncomfortable due to something else - even tags on the clothes can cause distress to the babies 5. Check the baby to see if there are other signs causing distress Hope this helps.

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