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9mth plus, yet not able to stand well
LO 9mth plus yet still cannot stand on her own for more than 5sec ):
It's actually quite normal :) Nothing to worry. Working with infants, they all have different timings. Just enjoy it while it last 😉
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It's normal.
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I think it's fine, you may want to consult the pediatrician on your next visit...
No rush. Every child is differen
Don't rush your child. Some even 18months then can walk
can have blended pasta
Can i blend pasta for my 9mth baby?
Hey, Yes should be fine. You can also try buying small size pasta, then there is no need to blend. Just boiling should do
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Get those small ones so you don't haVe to blend
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Can. But no need to.. Can just get those small star pasta and cook for baby
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Yes, you can
yup can.
why like this?
When me n husb went out for few hrs to take break, mil will take care of LO. But once we home, she will nag nag nag. But when i saw my sil (husb'sis) asked my mil to look after her LO, when my sil is
Hey, I would suggest just don't think about it too much and let it go. It might be because your MIL would have got little tired or might be simply nothing
Just ignore...mayb next time when u home buy something for her
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I feel you. I just let her nag and let it goooooo
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Don't take or too personally...Maybe next time buy her favourite food or a little gift (:
Same for my side, when my sil brought her child here she will gave her full attention and ignore mine. Then I have to do everything. Moreover she will nag when my hub and I wanted to take a break like
signs of teething
Signs of bb teething? LO kinda on milk strike. She is 8mth
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My LO had a bottle strike when she was teething. I suspected it was painful when she sucked on the teat. Latching on was ok, and she drank happily from the straw bottle too. See if she feels better af
When LO sit unsupported
My LO turns 7mth today but still cant sit well. Sld i get to worry?
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Hi... don’t worry. Every child development is unique
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Just continue to monitor. My lo only sit unsupported at 20 months.
Don't worry..They will when they are ready
Hi, There is nothing to worry about. Every child has different growth process so it will happen gradually. Just keep monitoring
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Should be fine...Just continue to monitor for another month or so
jus rant
Mil asked me to stop bm cos last few days when i not ard, she giving fm, she felt that fm giving my girl to look more chubby. These days i m back n started back on bm, she feel my girl slim down alr�
Older gen are like that. They are not educated on breast milk benefits.
The reasoning is funny. Lol. But explain it nicely to your MIL. If you have BM in thr fridge you can explain how to thaw and when to give but if it is a lil bit complicated for your MIL to understand
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Sorry to hear that. BM is still the best for babies! Chubby babies don't mean they are healthier. As long as the baby is at normal weight and height for his/her age, it's ok. Many ppl don't understand
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Can mix. Morning and afternoon can give bm then when u want bb to sleep through use fm. Don't need to fight with her jus do that u feel is right.
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Explain to ur mil nicely that BM is beneficial to babies due to its antibodies content which is absent in fm. Babies need it to build up immunity system. Can do mixed feeding if weigh growth is a conc
Dislike milk?
LO turning 6m1k, her milk intake is gettin lesser from 140mls to 100mls. Issit teething or wanna try solid soon?
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Probably is teething that cause the uncomfortable. Get a teething gel . And also 6mths its time to start with semi solids
Try introducing solids now and see if she likes them
you start introduce solids to him but only soft things
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You can introduce solids to your LO now(:
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You can try some solids, or increase the number of feeds, since the volume per feed is decreasing. Make sure baby is peeing well
which sld i try
Gonna start Nestle Cerelac for LO. But sld i try Rice or brown rice with milk for her?
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Hi... I suggest you request for samples for your LO to try and buy the one he/she prefers
Moaning before night slp
Recent night bef her sleep, she will make sound whilr eyes r shutting. She will make noise as if car engine. Lol. She doesnt do that before she 5mth old.
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Your child might be tired. Please try to restrict her day time activities
weakening muscle
Anyone experience weakening of the legs muscle after deliver? Resulting in abnormal walking gait