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pacificer vs milk bottle

Will LO choose pacificer over milk bottles?
Yes. But you got to only give pacifier when sleeping time. If not, it will become a habit.
Not for my firstborn! She hates pacifier and will choose her bottle anytime.

Fever while breastfeeding

Having fever but not taking any medication. Is my ebm still safe for my LO to drink despite i having fever? TIA
Yes it’s safe
Totally safe!
It’s safe. Don’t worry and rest well
It’s safe, my friend! Get well soon! ❤️

Dream Feed

Sld i dream feed my LO at night since her daytime intake is less? She still can go back to slp after night feeds.
I used to do that n succeeded everytime until my baby suddenly woke up n fussed n took 1hr to go back to slp WITHOUT drinking her milk at all. So now I kinda stopped alr! 😂 maybe you can mentally pre
If u can wake up
Sure np(:
Yes, you can definitely try that

3mth jab

My LO seem to lose appetitse after 3mth jab. Is this common?
jab will not cos any lost appetite, mayb due to other cos?? constipation??

Hip pain

Anyone experience trochanteric bursitiis before?
In another term is it hip pain?
What is that?

Tummy time

Is it impt to hv 3mth old to hv tummy time?
Yes it's important
Yes, it's fun too!
Yes. Let baby feels his yummy time, then he will learn from there..

Use BM to do a memento

Came across website that using bm to make some accessories, rings, necklace charm etc for memento. Anyone here do it before?
Hi! I did an anklet for baby and a pendant for myself using breastmilk!
Yeap! I did when my lo was a few months old, and another with the "last-milk" when she gave up latching as a Momento
Yup did a few with Keepsake by Ryo..
Nope! Not thinking doing it
Will it become smelly over time?

Sticking out tongue

My LO turnin 3mth in fews day time. Noticing she is sticking out tongue. What does it meant?
This is so adorable. Don't worry and enjoy these precious moments :)
she's just discovering her body parts :) it's cute
Exploring the body parts
Hahaha so cute! It's unintentional, don't worry.
They just discovered that they can control their tongue hahaha


At work, i placed EBM in fridge. Once back home from, can i put it to freezer?
Hi mummy, best not to because of the temp difference when u bring home even with ice pack so milk will spoil. Pumped milk in the fridge best to consume within 3 days otherwise straight into freezer.
Yes :) In fridge for up to 3 days can still store into freezer, of course store immediately into freezer would be best
Hmm. Think freezer dun work... btr to consume within a day.

Need help

I unable to read articles that is been shared. Appeared website unavilable. W What sld i do?
Read on your web browser. Works well for me.
I do face the same issues. Wat i did is copy the link to browser. You can able to see
Try to view them in the web browser.
Hi... try copy the links and launch on your web browser
Try to copy the link and open with your browser.