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How would you feel after meeting your ex husband for 2 years plus? We are meeting next monday to settle our hdb stuffs. He left me and my toddler just to live with mistress. Abusive idiot. How would you be feeling. Need some advise or things is helpful for me.

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Make sure you reign in your emotion. Treat him like a business client and do what is needed to get what you need and want. Don’t show any emotion even if night feel like wringing his neck. Just get what you need and get out. Might be good to bring a Friend for support ( not the super emotional one ok?) good luck

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Rehearse many times at heart and make sure u dont have emotional breakdown when u meet him.. show him that you are over him and that u dont hate him nor harbour any feelings for him ... he's just meant nothing to u.. good luck and held ur head high.

Hi, what’s most important is how you feel. Our situations are all different but definitely there will be some unpleasant feeling. But no matter what, it will be good for you to handle things calmly (or at least try to). Take care!

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Be strong and show (subtly) how well you have been doing these past years without him. Do dress up and put on some make up ... Pretty much like going for a business meeting. You'll be fine... Jia you!💪

You can bring your friend or family members to accompany you. When you are meeting your ex-husband, keep calm and try to keep things short and simple so all these things can be settled quickly.

Do not put in too much emotion during the meet up. Just focus on business and get it done. If you can’t handle it alone bring someone that is close to you to go with you.

Stay cool Keep a level head Get what u need and settle what u need Don’t let him see u In a state that you can’t cope without him Stay strong

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Better take some company with you, rather than that just let it is a business tyoe of meeting, dont talk anything apart from the wokr to be done

Try to meet in public places. If it's awkward, try to see whether u can get someone, maybe a property agent, to join the discussion?

Be strong for yourself n little one. Show him you do better without him in life. Get a friend to be there