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Hey, I think I am a mix of both
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I’m a panda mum
Desc of panda mum
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Cannot read the link.. I assume panda mums are mums that are soft, someone who won't push their children too hard and someone who will listen more to their kids' interests etc.. I guess I am a mixed o
Fun places to bring kids during holidays
Any fun places you have in mind to bring your kids out during the June break?
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The National Gallery, Gardens by the bay.
KidZania is always fun for them.
Sentosa, USS, zoo....
Hi there, you can get some ideas from the following link: https://sg.theasianparent.com/what-kids-can-look-forward-to-do-during-june-holidays
Holiday Carnival with exciting rides and full-filled game booths Date: 5 – 16 June 2019 Weekdays: 4pm – 8pm Weekends & PH: 1pm – 8pm Venue: VivoCity Outdoor Plaza, Level 1
Getting rid of pimples
What’s an effective way to get rid of pimples that gets it cleared fast?
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Tee tree oil helps .. u may get it in body shop ..
Yes wash your face clean and use pimple gel might work. Remember not to pick the pimples as it may cause scarring. Seek professional help and go for facials.
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Adult acne isn't so simple to get rid of, unfortunately. You need to figure out what's causing your acne. It could be a hormonal imbalance, eating too much junk food or even too much stress. Drinking
Tea tree!
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Oxy 10!
Massage techniques
Do you massage your breasts frequently mums? Is there a tried and tested method that works for you?
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Is it during breastfeeding? Yes, i do it in circular motion. And it’s effective to ease the swelling and breast milk flow
Pocket money
Hey mums and dads, how much pocket money would you give a primary schooler?
abt $2 for recess
Around 2-3 dollars per day is fine
Lower primary - $2 should be sufficient.
For me i gave him $10 for a week. If there are any CCA or after school activities I will give extra $2.
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for me I'll check the price of the food at the tuckshop first before deciding
Hubby a help or hindrance?
Just curious mummies... was your hubby more of a help or hindrance weeks after you gave birth?
Big helper. Male chauvism is ok to some extend only, nowadays is dual parenting era.
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He helped the big kid by bringing her to sch, and small baby by bathing him, do housework and even help cook my confinement meal.
Hubbies who helped, kudos on you. Mine was helpful when prompted...does that count?
he was a great help!
Saying sorry to kids
Do you apologise to your kids after shouting at them or got impatient with them? Or anything else? How do you go about it?
Yea, and explain our action of scolding at them. That is if the kid is >3yrs old where theh start to understand
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We do, we explain why we he got scolded or why we got upset
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Yes I do apologise , explain to my daughter the reason behind my anger etc
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Yes I will apologise and explain to them why mom is so upset . And will So do my best to minimise and will ask them to help me out to refrain myself from This behaviour too . It’s a form of respect th
Meal planning for toddler
How do you usually plan meals for toddlers? Any tips to share? Thanks in advance.
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Mine is quite fixed for a month. For instance for this month, it is as follow: Monday - Rice with braised meat and tofu Tuesday - Fish Porridge with shredded cabbage Wednesday - French fries with chic
Hi mummies, did you follow confinement rules after your pregnancy? What are some of them? And how did you cope with it?
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Bathe every 2-3days. Did not wear long sleeve. Ate confinement food. Did not have plain water except longan date water. Had fan but not direct. Sleep in aircon room at room temp at night.
My only concession was having herbal bath but I still bathed Everyday. I ate the healthy food prepared for me. But never wore Long sleeves and slept in aircon room. You have all the latest info at you
No, I did not... used herbal bath and made myself comfy in air-con room :)
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i followed 70%. Dont drink water, only warm drinks (fish essence, red date tea..), eat confiment food and no wash hair for 1 month...
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Bathe alternate days for hair , but daily on body . I use the confinement tea bag to place in the water and lemongrass shampoo for my hair and body . Always bathe in warm water and off fan and aircon
What advice to pass on to LO
What kind of advice did you wish you received as a child that you want to pass on to your LO?
Believe that you can, cos you can.
Don’t hold back to say sorry because it’s only human to make mistakes. Say your please(s) and thank you(s) to show appreciation and always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them.
Don’t be afraid to lose. Giving is always happier than taking.
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I wish I was taught how to properly deal with bullies. Like proper strategies. Even as an adult, when i encounter those who tend to bully, i back down and don't stand up to them. However, I'm doing a
Dont be afraid to fall and make mistakes :)