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My husband and I keep fighting to the point i want to divorce.. My husband meeting his ex without knowing he do that to me... They just friendly chat but for me as feed back I can't let my husband go alone and nvr tell me.. After 1 ex then another meet ex. For me it's a cheating bcos i dont know and 1 of their convo he say she makes him happy.. I feel hurt that he must keep that to me text call he delete.. And he say im childish and crazy.. I have 19 months baby and pregnant.. What to do I feel emotionally drain and physically tired.. I'm not in good terms in his family, friends and relatives.. His mother keep saying calling me as maid and that's hurt.

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Try to talk it out instead of fighting . honestly ur husband have to be mature. hes not just putting his responsibility in but adding extra burden to you. Dont worry mummy, stand strong. Everyone will be here for you