should I get back with my ex Husband?

My ex Husband cheated on me. We got divorced4 years back. We have 2 kids. Twin boys aged 3. Anyway about 2 years back we both remarried, him with the woman he cheated on me with and then both of us ended up divorce again. Compatibility issues. Anyway, Long story short we started dating each other again about 7 months ago. And now he has proposed to me again. It feels right and the kids ofcourse are excited. We are both 35. Any advice? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Everything seems great but I am wary with drinking from the same glass twice. But I also know it would be good for the kids to grow up with both Mum and dad.

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I am strong believer of fate and it seems like fate has brought both of you guys back together. However, it will be good if both adults sit down and talk about past mistakes so that it won’t not affect your future relationship together and ensure that history does not repeat itself. All the best!


It is quite amazing that you have ended up together again. But I feel you need to have both eyes open going into it this time. No doubt you are both more mature and older. However, it might be important to talk put all your issues and have solutions as you don't want history to repeat itself.