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How many layers of clothing does my infant need to go outside?
One is enough.
In Singapore one is enough
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1 layer. If cold, wrap with swaddle.
1 + swaddle :)
Is it always bad to wake a sleeping baby?
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I try not to wake my sleeping baby
It's fine.
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Not at all
My MIL says I'll spoil my infant by holding him too much. Is it true?
At what age would you give your children a phone?
When they go to Secondary
I gave my kid a phone when he was 10 years old
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When they attend secondary school
Age 13 wen going to secondary school
How much do you spend on your kids during the holidays?
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300-400 on enrichment
Do you assign specific chores to your kids?
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Gradually build a culture at home for the kids to take responsibility? I started my 2 year old with keeping her toys. Now at 3, she puts her clothes in the laundry basket and also helps to throw rubbi
At what age is it okay to leave kids home alone?
To me, i feel primary 4 but I nvr put for too long.
Do you ever put your kids in a timeout?
What's your response to picky eaters?
Make it fun and in their fav food like pizza
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Try to make eating session fun, regardless of the food served
Try different recipe and make food ‘interesting’ (:
Heheh be stern and eat with them
Make eating fun!
When would you put a kindergartener to bed?
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After dinner around 8pm