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Divorceed single mother. My ex husb left and never see my child almost 3 years plus. He only provide montly mainetainance for e child. I just want to know : if your ex husb ask you for a copy of birth cert do you give him?? What are the things you dont provide a copy to your ex husb?? The reason i asked because my ex is abusive, never bother to come n see e child. What is the purpose he needs those for. I hv a sole custody. And i want to know my rights. Appeciate some advised. Thank you

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Hello! I am a single mum too. My ex husband also only pays for maintence and never once visited the child. NO. I will never ever give a copy of the BC since I have the full subsidy. I found out my ex husband have been secretly using the child as an excuse to get subsidy from the government. I actually reported him to MSF. Other things you don’t provide is IC / BC / health booklet. Unless he gives you a good excuse on why he need those document, please don’t give it to him. All the best! We women can live without such horrible husbands

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Don't give him a copy if you are not comfortable. Since he said to buy insurance for the child (take it as is true), you may suggest you will buy for the child through your own agent and he pays for it. You need not have to pass a copy of the child's BC to him in this case. Please state policy holder under your name and life insured will be your child's name. By the way, he can obtain a copy of BC from the ICA since he is the father of the child. Take care.

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nope. better be careful than sorry. i agree with the responder below, also they could use it against you and might go to court for custody. if he's abusive from the start then be wary