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single mom, those of you have kids. At what age is appropriate to tell your child about parents are divourceed? What do you tell them? Is it the child asked? My ex husb has left me and my child almost 2 yr. My dau is 3 years plus. He hasnt been coming to see her. I am concern how to break the news where she start to ask where is the father. My ex hus has left us bcoz he wants his freedom, doesnt want any responsibility, affair and staying with mistress.

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my mum told me way too early when i was 2-3yo. she told me the truth but in a simple and respectful manner. 'mummy and daddy isnt together anymore. means we cannot stay together. mummy do my things, daddy do what he wants. one day you'll understand and just want you know he loves you always. hes just busy with his life.,'

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It’s best to tell your kids early and explain to them the situation. My parents hid it from my sister and me for 12 years plus. It was very confusing for us and more painful to think why daddy don’t come home anymore.

Dear Mum, Really sorry to hear that. I think it is better to tell your daughter about it when she starts getting little maturity. It will be easier to explain her the whole scenario and also she will take it positively :)

Sorry to hear that. Just tell her the truth but when she starts bit maturity. Assure her is not her fault or she has caused it. Tell her she still has you and you will always love her. Take care. 💪


I told my Son that his mommy and daddy lived in different places when he was four. Best to inform him young as it will be easier for him to accept the change vs telling them when they are older.

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To my child..my dad is her father

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Just tell the child that father passed away already. Just completely moved on as if the father never existed. That can only happen if you got divorce when your LO is still a baby.

So sorry to hear that. I don’t think there should be an appropriate age, as long as your daughter ask, I think it’s only right to let her know.. All the best.

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Agree. My daughter is now 6 and she is aware she don’t have a father. I told her I’m her daddy n mummy and I love her the most in the world. We don’t need a daddy.

So sorry to know that. Don’t think there’s an appropriate age but better to let her know early if she asks.. take care!