Have you ever had a crush on someone else? And did you tell your husband about those feelings or not?

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Crushes are harmless and fun as long as you don't act on it. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a little eye candy every now and then. Agree with Samantha though, my radar on crushes and eye candies have reduced alot these last 2 years. With my attention on work and my partner, the only crushes I'm having are the guys on the TV screen, if I ever have the time to watch TV that is haha.

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It's only natural to crush on somebody. And yes, it can happen even after marriage. But my husband is aware of the one crush I had during my college days. The best part is his reaction. It's priceless. He begins with a possessive reaction, but eventually laughs it off saying the better man won. That's how it should be. Crushes are fun and should be taken in that spirit.

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I have a confession. I have this crush on my colleague at work right now and nobody knows about it. I have been chatting with him online and it has been just friendly casual chatting. Things are so so at home with the hubby. Feelings have become stagnant. Sigh. I know I am asking for trouble. But I can't control myself.

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5y ago

Me too!

We have celebrity crushes and we joke that those are the only people we get a "free pass" with. Mine's Leo Dicaprio or Channing Tatum and his is Beyonce or Taylor Swift hahaha. But other than that, we don't talk about crushes on other people. Don't think we have any because we're too preoccupied with ourselves.

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No, I have not been in a crush post marriage. If someone has a crush he/she should definitely share it with his/her partner. Crushes are accidental feelings you have for someone and it's normal. As long as you truly love each other and want to get past it, you can.

Yes, I did have a crush on other "men". But it was just crush and nothing beyond that. I don't see anything wrong in having a crush, and yes, I do share my liking for the particular person with my husband. I think he doesn't like that much but I feel one must be honest.

Its normal to have crushes... And btw its also perfectly normal to share it with your spouse... The key here my friend is -Keep it in your head;don't think of getting it into your bed..:) Share, discuss, and have a good laugh together... Thats all !

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Hi, I don't know it was a crush or not but there had been men with whom I had formed a good bond with and liked to talk to them. I had told my husband about how fun that person is to be with but nothing of the sort that I have fallen for that person.

No after I got married. I feel guilty to my husband to even think about it. Thus, I prefer to be faithful to my husband and live in our happy family. The grass is always greener on the other side and there is nothing to long for.

haha.. when I was younger, definitely! but not since I've gotten together with my hubby. We ever talked about our school day crushes before. Think that was even before we got together. I remember asking to see a photo of the girl. ;)