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How to pick toys for babies?
Anything that is safe and great for their development.
Get age appropriate toys
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U will get based on the age .. on any kids store ..
Base on Development
Any suggestions?
How to increase baby’s immunity during winter?
If your baby is older than 6 months, try using turmeric powder in milk. A small pinch is enough. It helps your baby. In addition, talk to your pd about giving vitamins, especially, vitamin C. It helps
Baby proofing!!
This is how you baby proof yourself.
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Quite innovative
Good idea....🤠😎
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Very clever indeed!
Good idea!
Why my child is always sick?
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give your child supplements like immuped or sambuc, let your kid play under the sun often, go to the park and run freely, eat fruits like kiwi and berries in the morning. it worked for my kid.
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Babies have weak immune systems, making them susceptible to infections. Breastfeeding is a good way to strengthen a baby's immune system.
Can you let us know more? How old is your baby? Was he/she born prematurely/ underweight?
Can you clean baby's ears?
Yes can. Just use a moist clean cloth to wipe the ears gently during bathing time.
Just clean the outer ear gently. Its not safe to use cotton swabs or to stick anything inside your baby’s ears :)
Not digging into it. Juz the surface.
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Not necessarily, maybe after bathe, use the towel to wipe through. Dont dig the ear
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Preferably not. I asked before it’s self-cleansing.
High BP
Can babies get high blood pressure?
yes! possible! In newborn babies, high blood pressure is often caused by a blood clot in a kidney blood vessel, a complication of having an umbilical artery catheter. Other causes of high blood pressu
Nutritions for pregnant
What nutrition do pregnant ladies most need?
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Fish oil, calcium?
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DHA, folic acid (1st trimester), calcium
Omega 3, calcium and iron
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Dha calcum
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dha. folic acid. and calcium!!
What should I do when my baby is constipated?
Try giving payaya.. eat more fruits daily and drink more water
if the baby is below 6 mths old. please seek consultation from a pediatrician. if is above 12 mths old, try feeding some fruits and veggies to increase the fiber intake
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How old is your baby? Sometimes the formula milk makes LO constipated.
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Depends how old is baby, if below 6 months recommend to bring to the doc. Above 6 months will offer more banana purée. After 1 year old i just increase water intake
Try giving mashed banana and boiled water in between meals. :)
Baby hits his head!!
What should I do when my baby hits his head? He is 2.2 years old.
Also don't forget to apply ice (wrapped in a towel) to the bump asap. But if there's bleeding always bring baby to a doctor.
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Check that it's not bleeding. If it is, clean it asap. If there's loss of consciousness, dizziness, drowsiness or balance problem, bring him straight to the ER as he may have had a concussion.
Picky eater
Should I give my child other food if he refuses to eat?
How old is he? Yes please try other food and dont starve him yah. Slowly introduce the food to him again next time.