For those who have gone through normal vaginal delivery and had stitches done, when did you start having intercourse with your husband without any pain internally and externally?

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I've read that one should wait until any bleeding after the birth has stopped, around 3 weeks after delivery. This is because the wound left in your uterus by the placenta coming out is still healing. Having sex before the bleeding has ceased might cause an infection. Some of friends told me that they started having sex at 6 weeks while some waited till after 6 months. It's really up to you. Listen to your body -- if you've healed up, feeling completely up to it and can find some time, you can go for it. If you're experiencing dryness down there, lube will be helpful.

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i also around 2 months.. hubby quite eagerly asking for it and i feel that my marriage is like on the rock and i also does feel that i dont want my hubby to touch me at first.. but after i initiate the hugging (he doesnt initiate hugging at all), i start to feel that im ok to let him touch and hence we tried.. it hurts until now.. gonna wait until 4th months this time.. up to individual.. can try but im sure it will still hurt cause of the stitches.. honestly i feel like my stitches is tearing haha but no is not lol..

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Was advised to wait 6-8weeks. I tell husband that I am scared and I feel pain. So he makes sure that I am well lubricated first. And he is more gentle till I tell him that there is no more pain. More than 6months before there is no pain completely. The doctor stitch me up very tight. Haha. He said he did a good job for me. So it took some time to feel no pain

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We started about 5 weeks after delivery, even before the post-delivery follow up because I couldn't wait any longer. Take it slow first and communicate to your husband if there's any discomfort. Apparently mine was tighter than before. Not that that it's an issue.

We've tried during the 2nd month but it was really painful. Did a few times here and there still painful. Only recently like at 8 month then feel like before no pain. But it really depends on individual.

The doctor's advise is 6mths so we tried after 6mths and it still hurts the first time . But I would say it's all in our brain . Try to relax and don't think about it and the 2nd try was ok .

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it took me about 3 months to be fully able to accept the intercourse. Have to go really slow. But once you are fully turn on, it will be moist enough too. Have fun!

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2 months for me lol. For both ny pregnancy. I was really scared abd freaked out though. Had standby plenty of lubricant. :)

It has been 5months since I gave birth. However I still feel alittle pain internally.. But I guess it's up to individual..

5 months. But itz recommended to wait till 6mths so tat u r more mentally ready & allows healing at e wound area.