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May I know where can I purchase Haakaa Breast Pump (original and manufactured in New Zealand) in Singapore?
Best to get from kiddypalace. I wouldn't buy from online sources.
I would say the safest best is gettting it from Singapore Retailers - Mothercare or Kiddy Palace
I got mine at kiddy palace.
I got mine from Mothercare. It's affordable ($25) without the lid. You could check the haakaa website for the places that stock it in Singapore. Mothercare and kiddypalace I believe
Is water based wet wipes suitable for newborn? Which brand and where to buy?
Sipping wine and sleeping how i wanted to
Lazada. Organic wipes no scent and organic. Or try sanicare
I use huggies and I buy it at toysRus
Yes Soonsu story
I think so? Jeju wet wipes from Qoo10!
When there is an emergency situation, which hospital A&E (government or private) will you choose and why?
Depends on how serious is the emergency you mentioned. If medical assistance needs to be sought super urgently then it would be best to go to your nearest hospital. Private hospital waiting time
I heard private hospitals waiting time is less compared to govt one. Normally i would choose NUH too because it's nearer.
It will have to KKH as they have the best equipment and manpower available to treat children emergencies and complex cases. Most babies have to be transferred to KKH at the end of the day if they
I'll actually choose to send my baby to NUH A&E because I delivered my baby there and I have seen how passionate and friendly the staff there are. A large hospital would also have facilities and e
is it safe?
Is cordyceps safe to be consumed during pregnancy?
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avoid herbs during pregnancy at all costs. chk with TCM
I tot only can take after give birth
I agree, it's best to avoid any type of herbs without consulting a doctor.
best to avoid consuming unless prescribed by the doctor.
I have heard that it should be avoided but some people advice that it boost energy for pregnant woman. I think it is better to check with your gynae about taking herbs during your pregnancy.
Any violin music learning school or teacher to recommend?
Connie teaches violin privately and has been doing so for many years. She comes to you. her phone is (+65) 9068 3007. She is great. :)
Wolfgang Studio. They offer toddler group violin class.
Anyone rent phototherapy machine at home for baby's jaundice? Is it less effective than doing the therapy at home compared to in the hospital?
http://thebabyspecialist.com.sg/articles/which-treatment-option-should-i-go-for-if-my-baby-is-jaundiced/ It is cheaper for baby to receive treatment at home. Most importantly, baby is in comfort at
She delivered at Parkway East, think she rented it from the hospital if I'm not wrong.
Which company she rented from and how much is the cost?
My cousin rented the phototherapy machine home. It has the same effect, except that you have to be ensure that baby is placed in the machine for the required number of hours (usually for the whole day
Is UV bottles sterilizer worth investing?
I have used both Steam Steriliser and UV Steriliser & Dryer. I preferred the latter. It's the post cleaning of items handling easier as its dry.
I have a Hanil UV steriliser and I love it! It's convenient! It dries and sterilises in 45 minutes. I've loaded 3 feeding bottles, 6 storage bottles, 2 flanges and membranes, plus the teats and bottle
I have the haenim uv sterilizer and I love it. It also helps to dry and store. totally worth the price! :)
The other advantage of investing in a UV steriliser is that it can also be used to sterilise other items such as toothbrushes, soft toys and other knick-knacks. Therefore, it can be used even afte
I use a Babymoov sterilizer that costs $79.90 and I can also use it as a storage rack. Doesn't take very long to sterilize too, probably 15 minutes or so depending on how much water I put in it. Of
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Which sunscreen is suitable for toddler? Appreciate if can recommend the brands.
I like california baby sunscreen too.
I use California Baby. Reliable brand. Haha. Doesn't dry oily and it's mineral based. :)
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What shoes brands are good for baby who is just starting to learn to walk?
Soft soles, i go with Bobux and i have been using them for both my kids.
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We highly recommend attipas shoes which are ergonomically designed to help walking toddlers. It's supposed to help babies feel that they are walking barefoot
Pediped and Bobux for me. I swear by these two brands for soft soles. Now that my son is older I go for stride rite.
Pediped and 1st Avenue i think. Tried on all my kids. Comfortable and soft. Doesn't hurt baby's legs. Designs are very nice too. Have lots of unisex designs.
In addition to stride ride which I absolutely loved for their really great soles and cool designs, we also for some shoes from Adidas which we were quite trendy but not as great of a grip as stride ri
Any suggestion for gift exchange between siblings during their first meet in hospital?
We wrapped up a Peppa Pig hair dressing toy set up and our new baby gave it to her older sister. She loved it!
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I didnt do any gift exchange. Instead my son have his biggest present. His little sister.
I think sibling bonding at the hospital would be the best gift exchange ever.
I've never heard of this before. What's the exchange for? A sunflower would be nice. Simple yet meaningful.
You could get age specific presents for both kids, or you could get your older sibling to pick out a present for his new sibling. It's good to get him involved. For the older sibling's present, yo
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