Have you ever met someone who you think should not be a parent?

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Yes - I have met my fair share of people who I am not sure are fit to be parents. My Mother in law is one of them - where it's clear she manipulates her kids and shows extreme Favouritesm to one child - who is my Husband in this case. She treats her other two kids like absolute s*** and accuses them of all kinds of crap, including stealing from her. She's also highly demanding and throws tantrums like a 3 year old child if she does not get her way.

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Yes i have met many people who i felt should not be parents by their actions of upbringing for the kids. But i am def not someone to judge them too as sometimes i even question my own parenting methods too.

yes, my sil. she does not give two s*** about her son. even when her son is starting school. she goes out every night till late and throws her son to my mil. and thus, her son only wants his grandma.

Yes of cos. They will think tat wadeva they do is right. So no need to say anything to them as it is useless. Juz let them be? They r happy can alrdy.

Usually I will find those abandon and abuse cases are the most horrible parents. But so far I havent meet those real horrible parents.

Yes. I think the mother needs a psychiatric help but she is living in her own world. What to do. Sometimes life is is like that

i have come across a few such people who i felt should not have become parents.

Yes of course. But that's not for me to say.