What did or will you do when you find out your daughter or son has their first crush? :)

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It's completely natural for a person, a kid even, to admire someone so let your kid be. :) I didn't know anything about crushes until I was in grade 4. During kindergarten days, one guy often gave me his baon and a piece of new cute handkerchief, and I didn't know then that that's what they call "crush." All I knew was the guy was generous to me. Let your kid be. That's a cute thing to deal with :)

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I teased him for a while (which pissed him off really bad haha) but it only lasted for a week or two :) but seriously speaking, as Christians, I think my kids know their place already. I just pray that God will guard their hearts and minds.

Just let him/her experience what it feels like. It is very normal and natural for anyone to have and show admiration towards another person--and this includes kids. Just support them with proper guidance.

If it's their first crush, chances are it's just harmless admiration. There's nothing wrong with that. Let them experience what it's like.