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Moms who have been SAHM for years.. Did you ever have feelings of slight regret or pity that being a SAHM contributed to your halted career progression, and being more dependent on your other half to bring the bacon home? Did you do anything about it, or decide to go back to the workforce eventually? How hard is it to get back into the workforce and get back on track with your career progression, seeing your peers probably being much more ahead?

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It will be hard for SAHM from the start to go back to the career world but it's not impossible. I feel that you can try to update yourself by reading more news so that you will not be 'away' from the rest of your peers. Once your kids is old enough you can arrange for child care then proceed to look for a job. Is all in the mind, do not compare with people around you as long as you are happy with your life.

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Hi, it is very normal to feel that way. But it is also a matter of great dedication and pride to be a SAHM. Also, if you feel that you can work now that your kids are old enough , then please explore [email protected] and Linked In network for references and leads. You can also reach out to your friends to refer you for suitable jobs. Don't worry much and just give yourself a chance.

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Don’t compare, if ur kids are old enough, got people to help with them, like after school care, etc. Go back and work, just go. Make sure work life balance, u will be able to feel balance. Although may start from basic again, but u will feel better working(it’s like a me time from home,kids etc.) .

Dont beat urself up for it.. SAHM has its perks as well.. u get to spend more time with ur LO! If there isnt opportunity to go back to workforce can always try out freelance work or ur own little business

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Hi... you might find this article informative

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Each has its pros n cons