Who is your celebrity crush?

Which actor or singer do you have a crush on?

Who is your celebrity crush?
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not really a crush but i like the charisma of ji chang wook when he’s acting!

Super Mum

none at the moment... now i only swoon when my lo sings 😂

American: Michael B Jordan Korean: Go Soo Chinese: Eddie Peng

Keanu Reeves...I love humble men...the good look is bonus

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Dai yang tian. But he alr Mia from media Corp alr

Mmmhhhh MJ (One of my DIE HARD CRUSH) lolzzzzzz

Alvaro Morte & Tom Ellis ❤️❤️

Benedict cumberbatch.. weird i know🤣😂

2y ago

Haha high 5!

Chris Hemsworth.... Thor 🥰

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Too many, mostly Korean actors🙈

2y ago

Mine too! Lee Min Ho ❤️🙈 and and... Lee Joon-gi 😂😂😂