Family problem... My husband dislike how my mother involved herself in baby stuff. Like when to stop feeding, how to swaddle the baby and bathing the baby. She will like to use words like "No cannot. You should do this." Or "Why you did it this way. Baby cannot like this like that." My husband cannot stand the way she demand on things we doing. So he tolerate her and now we are staying at my mother's place. I know complications is coming and I am still doing my confinement. My husband already show sign of dislike and even reply back when my mother is being demanding. But I feel so uncomfortable seeing both of them talking like this. How do I even make the situation better? My mother is a stubborn and tough women. My husband is a firm and independent man.

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Every family is bound to have this problem. My husband is very easy going and my mom respect people a lot but even so they also have problems on how baby is handled. Most of the times I feel is my husband is stubborn and wrong . My mom is experienced mom having take care of us and my two nieces. She will only make comment once a while and she will say nicely. My husband pretends not to hear. And this pissed my mom a lot. Have to endure. If your mom is the main caretaker as long as you also don't feel her way is wrong I think just let it pass. Have to close both eyes. Unless really something that you feel shouldn't be done like this then you raise it up to your mom. The best way is to move out soon. We have to respect old people especially our parents so I feel if somethings can pass just pass. Explain to your husband . As parents we need to let go of certain things once we have kids. My mother in law also does things against my wishes despite me telling her not to. But I don't voice out too much unless really not good for my gal. Tell your mom too that perhaps her tone can be better? But at the risk of pissing your mom off. Old people don't like to be told off

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firstly, the baby is both u and your husband's so u both should have the final say. but for every situation as it happens, see who is right and who is wrong and then adjust to suit the correct way. soemtimes font need to say it the moment it happen, can say later after the incident. but it cannot be always 1 is right and the other is wrong. some give and take. if your mother is going to be the main caregiver next time that i think it is good to let her know ur preferences but don't need to be too forcefully. sometimes older generation don't understand the reasons behind new ways of handling baby so u have to educate them - maybe show a book or article - i am sure u have some of these material that u can take out and use to valid whoever's point of view

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You can try to talk to them nicely to see if its work. Because currently you are staying at your mum place so things might be a little different . I feel you because sometimes our thinking might be different from our mum but it still good to know what to do and whats not. If you think your mum is right then try to talk to your hubby but if you think hubby is right then talk to your mum. After all you need a solution and you need to choose whatever good for you and baby.

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I will see who I think is correct, if I feel that hb is correct, I will tell my mum straightaway that the baby is ours so let us make the decision ourselves, if I feel that my mum is correct then I will let my hb know how I feel too