Dear Wives, What's the best gift you've ever given to your Hubbies?

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We were never used to giving gifts to each other since we became a couple. My husband always says that material things don't really count. So I guess having 2 wonderful kids and taking good care of them would be the best gift I could ever give him. And maybe, the decision to quit my long time corporate job to be a full time house maker is what he appreciates the most.

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I don't have much budget, hence waking up early than him to make him breakfast, so he will have nice yummy breakfast to eat while going to work and will not be on empty tummy! When i have budget, the best gift is his fishing reels or rod after i save very long to get for him. It's his hobby, of course he will be happy and won't feel it's an extra thing to have it.

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I feel im the best gift I have given. Call me a gloat, but that what I feel each wife is. For husband, his wife is the best gift and for wives their husbands are. If this arrangement has love, honor, respect, laughter and humor then it's a perfect gift. Hence I feel im the perfect gift to him and he's my perfect gift to me

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Can I be cheesy and say: my time, love, attention and affection? hee.. ok, tangible gift will probably be the NBA tickets to a warriors match at their home ground late last year. Was his birthday gift and he really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great! :)

A special homemade breakfast, lunch and tea break plus a specially designed family tee by me. 10 loves coupons which he can use within the same year. For example, "redeem a 15 minutes neck massage or half day personal 'me' time" etc.

Free cleaning and cooking services haha! Living together has made my man forget how to be an independent and capable man at home. He claims he has forgotten how to cook and clean since moving in together.

My husband always says the best gift i can give him is when i learn to listen. Lol. Im too dominanting he cannot take it. Best gift i have given my husband, through ups and down. I stayed by him.

our son . he said that our son and me saying yes to our marriage is the best gift he ever receive. but when it comes to material things, you should ask him for the things he really love or he wants.

When I gave birth to our son. He was with me all throughout inside the birthing room and he witnessed how miraculous it was. He said that it was best gift that I can give him. The light of our life.

haha.. not their finals thou! It was the start of the season. Against Chicago Bulls. Cavs is a good team too!! I remember my hubby was looking forward to watching the 25 Dec game last year.