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potty train

hi momsh pa help naman ano ang best way para sa potty train
Hi! I’ll share my experience. When my son turned 2, I started observing his pee on diaper every time I change it. I’m changing his diaper every 4-6 hours. Pee time Morning from sleep 12midnight onw

high school lyf!

ano ang most memorable moment nyo nung high school?
Prom ☺️


hi mga momsh! gusto ko na kasi bumalik ung dati ko katawan any advise kung ano mas maganda sa gym or sa bahay??
hi ako since di makapag gym kasi yaya-less mom ako and bf si baby. So I do zumba na lang sa bahay every morning😊. Tingin sa youtube then ginagaya ko.. Effective naman plus disiplina sa sarili super d


kinds of cheese na available in philippine market suitable for 1yr old.. any suggestions mumsh??
Check first if your baby is not allergic to dairy. If hindi, cheese na pasteurized milk ang ginamit. Iwasan mga soft cheeses like feta tsaka mga blue cheese

bone marrow goji berry soup 11-12months

I personally make food for my baby , and he loves it! try this super easy recipe for your little one ❤️ INGREDIENTS 1 caldo chopped ( buto ng baboy) 5pcs goji berries 2 dried dates water pinch
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what an interesting recipe! is it a bit sour because of the goji berry? I've never tried it but it sounds delish.