What's the best enrichment class you've sent your preschooler to and why?

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The most beneficial enrichment class that my girl is attending since N1 is phonics class. For young children, they learn phonics through play/in a fun way. My girl can read story books in sentences at very young age, 4 years old. However, for my boy I will not send him to additional phonics enrichment class as I feel his school is providing sufficient lessons in phonics. Thus, the only enrichment class he is attending now is music class. He shows interests in music since young and overall he is very enjoying all the music lessons.

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7y ago

which phonics sch did you send your child to?

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swimming. it helps in motor skills and brain development. check little splashes swim school www.littlesplashes.com.sg www.facebook.com/littlesplashessg

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Berries for Chinese because the teachers there are very good in teaching Chinese words in fun way and help the kids pick up really fast!

Right brain training. My little girl could read and speak and understand math concept before the age of 1.

7y ago

did you send your child to heguru or schchida?

i sent my impatient boy to art class. Can see his improvement :)