Fathers, what do you think is the best gift that you have received from your wives? Thinking of what to get for hubby.

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My husband will prefer alone time during his off day. He wants silence and without kids screaming or me screaming

Depends on ur husband's love language and his likes? He is your husband so u should know him best right?

I'm great. Yeah was just wondering how you coping. Good to know that you are managing well :)

peaceful moment. She say she will leave me alone for 1 day.

7y ago

😂 I always give my hubby alone time leh. Lol

My husband will say peace and quiet lol.

Most welcome. See you around :)

Aeryn how are you? It's been a while.

7y ago

Hi Ling, thanks for checking on me. I'm doing gd! How abt u?