What's the best date you've ever been on as husband and wife?

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The best I ever had was on my ex-husband's birthday. We were total kids, running around Sentosa, hanging out by the beach. We didn't bring any spare clothes since it was an impromtu decision, but we ended up playing in the sea anyways. We took the Luge twice to dry off before having a meal at macdonalds. At night we had dinner at Brewerks at Clarke Quay before popping into a random club to drink and dance. It was fun. I loved it.

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I would say it was the first dinner we had at our new home. We did a lot of renovation work ourselves and we had our first meal there after we were done fixing up the lights in the living room. Our dinner date was packed chap cai peng from the coffeeshop nearby. Very ordinary fare but was one of the best "date" for us! :)

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Last time it was going out a lot. Like those fancy restaurants, go sightseeing and all. But as of recently, and i think it's just us getting older ah haha, we're like super into netflix and chilling. just sit back watch the tv shows and lepak. Also helps cos like, don't need to torrent so no panic anymore hahaha.

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This past valentine's day, my partner and I went art jamming at Arteastiq (http://www.arteastiq.com/artjam/) We both painted something and have now hung the paintings up at home! He really loved it and wants to go back again. I think it's a lovely idea, next time we plan to paint something together!

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We both love learning new things so one of the best dates was us learning modern calligraphy from Youtube at home. It was therapeutic and fun as we wrote a lot of nonsense and kept teasing each other's handwriting. On my birthday, he surprised me with his handwritten calligraphy message!

The best dates with my partner are out of town trips. We can both unplug from work, explore new places or stay still together. Here are some ideas. My personal favourite is El Nido in Palawan. http://www.goasean.com/stories/top-9-romantic-getaways-in-asean

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A day trip to batam for spa and massage where we stayed away from our kids for a few hours.