What's the best gift you've ever received as a mother?

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[Will try not to sound melodramatic, but] I think the best gift I received as a mother is to have a healthy, normal baby who continuously growing as one. It's all what my husband and I prayed for - that baby will come out normal and through normal delivery and that she doesn't have any complications - and it's what God gave us and we shall be forever grateful about it. A child's good health will always be the best gift to a mom, for me. :)

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I agree with Franccine. I think it is common nature to us moms to always put the welfare of our children first--on top of anybody (yes, and that includes my hubby) and anything else. Their existence alone--knowing that they are your own is already an everyday blessing and gift for me.

being blessed with kids and the love they have towards me

those birthday cards, mothers day card they do for you

my lovely daughter


my baby girl 😍

my baby girl


my daughter