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cool!! i like carousel
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I think this is a good deal!
Be Vigilant!
We all want to earn while staying at home, but please google or YouTube first before joining any online work/job. If it’s too good to be true, it’s a warning already. Everything is available online!
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Agree mommy!
Pre-loved ❤️ shoes
I am ready to let go of my son’s pre-loved shoes. Those who are interested can send me a message. Thanks!
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How much po?
how much po
hi po how much?
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how much po?
3rd Birthday Celebration
How did you celebrate your kids 3rd Birthday? Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated. Thank you.
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just a simple dinner & cake with family :) also outing
Dress up
Do you dress up your kids for the sake of cuteness or following the motif of the occasion even if they are not comfortable and pretty much irritated? Just a thought.
nope as much as possible inuuna ko po yun comfort. kasi ako din mahihirapan if naiirita sila sa suot nila.
May it be morning or night ?
This is for real 😀
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morning and night
morning.. i only drink coffee once a day
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Hahahhahaha. paano yan, e hindi ako umiinom ng kape??
Healthy Recipe
Can you share your healthy recipes. Easy to cook food that your family loves. Thank you for sharing.
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we go with steamed veggies. my kids love cauliflower, broccoli and French beans
Wow! Thank you. 🙂
School age
Hi to all moms and dads! At what age did your kids start schooling and how would you know if they are ready? Please share your thoughts. My son will be turning 3 on February 2019, I was wondering if
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my firstborn was 2.5 when he started school. we lived in a condo and i wanted him to have constant playmates. my baby now is turning 2, but i think i'll delay her schooling until 3.
Do you give your kids cereals for breakfast? What cereals do they like?
Alright. I will try fruit loops. My son has been eating coco crunch. Thanks!
Fruit loops! I havent given my son solids yet but i remember my baby brother loving fruit loops 😊