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Jen, Philippines

Domestic diva of 1 sweet son

About Jen

Dress up

Do you dress up your kids for the sake of cuteness or following the motif of the occasion even if they are not comfortable and pretty much irritated? Just a thought.
nope as much as possible inuuna ko po yun comfort. kasi ako din mahihirapan if naiirita sila sa suot nila.

May it be morning or night ?

This is for real 😀
thumb image
morning and night

Healthy Recipe

Can you share your healthy recipes. Easy to cook food that your family loves. Thank you for sharing.
Wow! Thank you. 🙂

School age

Hi to all moms and dads! At what age did your kids start schooling and how would you know if they are ready? Please share your thoughts. My son will be turning 3 on February 2019, I was wondering if
my firstborn was 2.5 when he started school. we lived in a condo and i wanted him to have constant playmates. my baby now is turning 2, but i think i'll delay her schooling until 3.


Do you give your kids cereals for breakfast? What cereals do they like?
Alright. I will try fruit loops. My son has been eating coco crunch. Thanks!

Dad or Mom

Who gives more of himself or herself, Working dads or Stay at home moms and Why? Please share your thoughts. Thank you
actually its both couz each of one or else the others are always to care her kids.the most is (boy) he is the superior too.soo whithout my experience my dad is a working lot and my mom is always take

To us all mom and dad

We may learn something from this photo
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the ugly truth


How often do you buy toys for your kids and why?
Everytime we go out. Kc bihira lang kami lumabas, hindi naman cya mapili.

Play House

Saan play house nyo dinadala ang kids nyo at how much ang rate/hour? Thanks

Remedy for falling hair

After I gave birth, I’ve been experiencing hair fall until now. I’ve tried several shampoo and nothing works. Any recommendation or suggestion that can work. Thanks!
hi , i’ve been there 😔 and it was really annoying haha pero matatpos din yan falling hair means hindi pa tapos ung body mo mag heal after giving birth give it some time. I settled for tressume ginger