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Keto diet

Anyone know what is keto diet about? Wat food to eat and avoid?
Hi... Ketogenic” is a term for a low-carb diet (like the Atkins diet). The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. You cut back most on the carbs that ar

Sweat spots.

I’m given this by polyclinic. Anyone use other medicine that is quite effective for curing sweat spots? My son is 4 years old.
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Hi... it is quite effective. Try for a week and if it’s not effective, bring the unfinished tube and request to change

Nutella Blossom

Anyone got nutella blossom baker to intro?
Cake Madders!
You can try sucredelices Also bt panjang there is one store called Blossomtreats. she is a muslim baker. her nutella blossoms is gd :)
I don't understand your qn. Can you please elaborate?


Any kids wireless headphone to recommend?
You can go for either JBL , sony or higher end could be marshall
Hi... try JBL
Paw Patrol so cute
You can try JBL or paw patrol!

Looking after our breast.

Anyone caring for their breast from sagging, can share how you look after them? Or any recommendations for breast massage?
Try Exercises. It will help to keep your muscles firm.
Will like to share deal i receive at shopee for every mummies to try. Because it's only $2.90 for 12 pieces for mummies to try this singapore brand. I just receive mine and it very soft. Read many
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I got at Shopee app. Check out Pee-Ka-Poo Diapers | 12 Pcs Pack | Shipping Via Local Courier at 26% off! $2.90 only. Get it on Shopee now! So far so good.
Thanks for sharing. How much Is it?
Are they good? Long lasting? Anyways where you bought it from?
Where u all get your thermometer? Retail store at original price? Qoo10?
Anyone BTO biddari?
Mel, seriously. But the interior all lei?
How are the flats there?
I did! (: chose flat already
Wondering if anyone have problem letting no2 go full say child care? Mine cry like crazy 😭 affect jie jie learning things in school if always need jie jie to accompany.
Meaning both your children are in the same center? Yes i have friends who face similar issues. However there is not much you can do. The teachers should be able to handle it well. If not you may want
For mummies who use Drypers Touch! I feel this is a great deal! Work out only $10+ per pack. Since got free vouchers.
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Sorry a bit slow. How this works and where to purchase?
Expo is it babe?? Can i hv e details pls